Have you found a new house yet?

Huzzah!  A new question in the inbox!  This is officially the first Ask Me Anything on ReubensCube!  This question was asked anonymously:

Have you and Mel found a new house yet?

Answer: NO! and we haven’t even really been looking.  We decided to wait until we were pretty confident we would be able to sell our current home before we went around looking at new homes.  Buying a house will be easy – it’s the selling part that’s hanging us up.

Our home has been on the market for nearly two months, and we’ve only had a single showing the entire time. So, selling the house is not going well for us right now. We’ve considered hiring an agent to help us sell, but so far we have still decided against it.

What do y’all think?  Got any advice on how we can sell our house faster? (obvious answer=lower the price)  Anyone else out there traveled the For-Sale-By-Owner route?  How did it work out for you?

Any other questions?

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  • i tried to sell a house for several months, not a single response. Found an agent and sold it in one day (admittedly in better times regarding the housing market). I decided that as much as they can realtors “blacklist” diy home sellers–never mentioning them to their clients, for example.

  • @david – Yes, I’m about 97% positive that agents purposely steer potential buyers away from FSBO houses as much as possible. The last thing agents want is for FSBO’s to be successful.

    Still, I also feel like the days of buyers relying on agents to find houses for them are over. Most buyers I know are actively searching the MLS on their own and just giving their agents a list of houses they want to see…

  • I would strongly recommend hiring a stager and a professional photographer. I never would have done it myself, but after selling my house last year in a very short period of time for quite a bit more money than other houses in my neighborhood, I’m completely convinced that the stager and photographer had a lot to do with it.

    The stager didn’t really ‘stage’ our house; she just walked around the house with us for about an hour or two and told us exactly what to do with the house. We took detailed notes and followed her directions for every room in the house. It was a lot of work for us, but it was completely worth it.

    If you’re interested, here’s her web site – http://www.roomswithstyle.com/

    As for hiring a professional photographer, you kind of said it in your comment above; a lot of buyers today find houses by looking online. Having professional photos makes a huge difference. If you want to see a few photos of my last house, send me an email.