Cabinet Shelves

It’s been a pretty slow weekend around here.  Mel’s off in Montana visiting her sister (or at least that’s where she told me she was going).  So I decided to take the opportunity to do a little household chore I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

See, we’ve got this cabinet in our kitchen, but when you open it up, it’s just a big pile of stuff.  If you try and take one thing out and the whole pile falls over.  It’s incredibly frustrating. So I decided to try to rig something up.  Here’s what happened:

I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

But it was about this time that Portishead came up in the rotation on my iPod….  and THAT’S when shit started getting a little weird.

Before I knew what was happening, I was watching UHF.

8 comments to Cabinet Shelves

  • Pretty good, but if you want to be taken seriously in the blogging world, you would have lined the shelves with wallpaper and slapped some vinyl on there that said "Simplify". I'm just saying'…

    Kidding! I really think it's awesome. 🙂

  • Here I am scrolling through my reader and I see a bunch of cabinets, cabinets filled with stuff, and then a YETI! ACK!

  • @Hizzeather – well I did think about giving the whole thing a coat of white spray paint, but I didn't 'cause I'm kind of lazy.

    @Bill – lol.

  • Looks great well done!

  • I'm showing this to my husband hoping that he'll get inspired too! Both our lower cabinets in the kitchen are like that. (Yes, we have but two lower kitchen cabinets.)

  • My wife is sitting next to me and glanced over my shoulder as I read your post. She said, "Good job, he gets the 'Good Husband' award."

  • I need to do this and you've inspired me. Did you buy the shelving or throw it together yourself?

  • @Koobear – the shelving is laminated particle board stuff I had leftover from a previous shelving project and the supports are leftover base shoe moulding from a previous project. I had to custom cut all the pieces to size.