At Home Water Birth?

Huzzah!  Another question in the inbox!  This one comes from my friend Kristy, who blogs over at Peanut Butter and Honey.  She writes:

Heres a question.
As you and Mel get closer to meeting your babe, have you considered at home water births? Cause those women are freakly amazing. AND are you ready to be a daD?

Hmm… at-home water births, huh? The thing I find most attractive about water birth is that it sounds totally cool to let the baby hang out underwater for a minute before bringing it up for air.  It’s like a science experiment.  It’s awesome that babies don’t try to breathe underwater. 

But no, for a few reasons, Mel and I aren’t really considering at-home water births, but primarily because neither of us wants to have to scrub the bathtub either before or after the birth.  Ugh.  We hate scrubbing tubs.

I’ll tell you what, though, you want to lose an hour of your life staring wide-eyed at a computer monitor? Just start searching for water birth videos at YouTube.
Am I ready to be a dad?  Well… I’ve finally got my hands on some half-sized cans of soda, if that’s what you mean…
Any more questions?
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7 comments to At Home Water Birth?

  • I'm hoping for a water birth at the hospital…best of both worlds I suppose.

  • My hospital has jacuzzis in every labor room for prebirth relaxation and one large tub for water births. I'd be happy to help out if you don't mind traveling 2600 miles. And the rooms have an amazing 14th floor view of the radioactive plumes wafting over from Japan.

  • @Theresa B – I guess that sounds pretty good, then.

    @david – I think I will let my wife use the large tub for water births while I use the jacuzzi for relaxation.

  • I saw a water birth on TLC baby story once….I've been scared ever since!!

  • Liz

    I'm with katie d. Sounds super scary to me!!!

  • Oh Reuben, please do not have a home birth. Group B Strep is so common in newborns (especially in moms who are GB+) AND it's 100% treatable, but treatment needs to be initiated immediately after birth (difficult with home births). Yes, this is my soapbox. I will step down now.

  • Ren

    The first of my spawning friends had a baby boy at home last Thursday with the help of a midwife – 11 lb, 3 oz!!