Will there be a CycleFest 2011?

Huzzah!  New question in the inbox!  This one is from Katie, who you will have to interact with on Twitter (@KatieL8ley) because she’s given up Facebook for Lent. Here’s her question:

Having missed the vast majority of Collins CycleFest 2010, I’m curious if you’re planning another for 2011. (I know it’s a bit early, I’ve got a touch of spring fever.) 

Great Question!  The short answer is YES!

The long answer is that we really hope to, but with Kung Pao showing up in May, that might influence our plans a little bit.  Here’s a couple questions I don’t know the answer to yet:

  • Will we have a box bike to take Kung Pao along with us?
  • How old does Kung Pao need to be before we can take her on a bike?
  • How long will we need to wait after birth before Mel feels like getting back on a bike?
  • Would Collins Family Cyclefest be worth having if Mel didn’t come at all?
  • Is it still Collins Family Cyclefest if Kung Pao doesn’t come?
  • How do we set a preliminary date if we don’t know the answers to the rest of these questions?

Anyway, so that’s what we’re struggling with right now. At the very least, we can assume it is more likely to happen in the late summer or fall than anytime soon.  We’ve also established that a 10-15 mile route we tried in 2010 was much more popular than the 50 mile route we tried in 2009.

But more importantly, what would the route be?  Last year we did ice cream and tacos.  How about this year?  Hot dogs? Pizza? Organic Smoothies?  Let me know what you’d like to see on CycleFest 2011?

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2 thoughts on “Will there be a CycleFest 2011?”

  1. I think you should have CycleFest 2011 sometime between August 5th and August 24 because that is when I have a break from teaching and it is all about me. The weekend of the 13th or the 20th would be great. Neal would be able to join us because he is totally bike ready now, but I am not sure about Kung Pao. Maybe we could convince Ben to bring her along in the support vehicle.

  2. I agree with Katie, as long as the day in August doesn’t clash with Green Giant Days in Le Sueur. That’s a big weekend for us, we go down, camp and attend their celebration of the Jolly Green Giant and all the vegetables he watches over.

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