Unanswered Questions: Answered

So you guys know I love it when you submit questions, right?  I really do.

But some of you are also thinking, “Hey, I asked a question and you never answered it!  What gives?”

Well, basically, I’m lazy.  And sometimes your questions are enough of a curve ball that I just don’t have the creative juices to come up with a good answer.

So in the interest of transparency, and so that I can always say I’ve answered all the questions I’ve gotten, here are a couple that I’ve just been sitting on for a while.

First up, a question from Katie (I don’t know which Katie, though…), which she asked back in early February:

How good are you at limericks? Do you have any you’d like to share?

Lousy.  I’m lousy at limericks.  I stop composing poetry with Haikus…. because they’re easy.  I do love the limericks on Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! though!

Ok, this next question was submitted anonymously:

Does WCCO plan on covering a flyball tournament anytime soon? There is a tournament this weekend at TCOTC.

Answer: WTF is flyball?

A cursory read of the flyball wikipedia page and a flyball google image search leaves me unconvinced that it’s worth watching.  So maybe you tell me, anonymous.  Is it worth watching?????

Anyway, short answers today.  Don’t let that keep you from sending in new questions, though!

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