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There’s a poll in the top right corner of this page (you’ll have to click through if you’re reading via RSS) that will allow you to vote for your favorite web address that could potentially be the new home of this blog.

…you know, unless one of you jerks goes and buys all these domains right now just to make me mad.

But this is the best I’ve come up with.  Let me know if you like any of the options.  Let me know if you don’t.  If you’ve got a better idea, I’d love to hear it in the comments.
In case you’re interested, here’s a little bit of commentary about my thoughts about each of them:

  • / – these are both second-best attempts at finding a way to retain the blog name SingleSpeed.  Neither of them are ideal because I have never hyphenated this name, or used “the” with it before.  I’m also a little concerned that this name doesn’t correctly give the right impression to people.  I think the URL should scream “click this if you want to visit some guy’s personal blog!” If I saw either of those addresses somewhere, I probably wouldn’t suspect they were addresses to a personal blog.  Rather, I would suspect it would take me to some page about singlespeed bikes. (for example, click on and consider whether the content of that page is what you were expecting).
  • / – I think these names are sort of clever, and the benefit is that I think they are both great names for personal blogs – nobody will be confused by the content of these pages.  The downside is that it doesn’t retain the blog title SingleSpeed that has had such a profound impact on our lives.
Anyway, vote in the poll (top right of this page) and let me know what you think in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Blog URL Poll”

  1. @Joey – thanks for the info. I guess we should also point out that one of the down sides to Reuben's Cube is that people will have to remember how to spell my name. This probably isn't a problem for bible-reading folks like yourself, but it has proven tricky for a lot of people, especially the ones who think my name is Colin.

  2. Well, I voted for the Rube with a view one before I read the comments. Now I'm thinking the lotion one has potential… (to scar your child for life).

  3. Looking at your labels on the side here, you have 121 biking related, 90 home improvement, 92 religion (including post secrets), 49 ask me anything. I know you bikes is the highest single thing, but other random stuff takes up more of your time than bikes do, and particularly single speed bikes.

    So, I say go with something other than bikes, because it seems like you are hanging onto the single speed name just for sentimental reasons. Plus, it doesn't make any difference what you do, because nobody really cares.

  4. You have 2 problems with maintaining Single Speed. First, you'll have a less-than-ideal domain name. Second, after however many years of using Single Speed, you're still 7th in Google page rank for a search of "Single Speed." That may not be a problem in and of itself, it simply says that the term is used widely enough that there are others out there.

    If you choose a unique name that currently isn't in existence, such as Reuben's Cube (my favorite), you have a better shot of the number one spot for that Google search.

    Again, not that Google search rank for your blog name is huge, but I'm surprised at how many regular readers I have come to my blog by simply searching "Wide White."

    In my opinion it's better to keep a blog name to no more than 2 names, which would eliminate RubeWithAView (besides, there's already another blog with that name out there). Based on the current results from a Google search of "Reuben's cube," I think you'd have a pretty good shot to quickly top out in Google rank.

    And it's a cool name.

  5. i'll read your blog, no matter what you call it.

    and i hope you have lots more random topics and more melanie and baby pics and ultrasounds and daisies.

  6. @marla – and hopefully if I'm using the wordpress commenting system instead of this Blogger one, you'll be able to subscribe to comments and stuff rather than posting under anonymous, right?

    (not that you'll see this reply to your comment since blogger wouldn't have given you the option to subscribe to comments so you're probably not coming back to check, right? Screw you Blogger!)

  7. Wow. I made the "Read these or Die" list.

    Are you getting forced out of your URL? That would suck. I would opt for, I guess. I just think .net addresses are cool for some reason. Good luck with this!

  8. Blog name should be Reubenator – it's like ruminator, but you.

    To turn a matter over and over in the mind.
    To chew cud.
    To reflect on over and over again.

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