Custom Domain Woes

So I’m feeling the need to branch out from my current site URL –  this stuff is ok, but also, it’s pretty lame. I’m a big boy now (and getting bigger all the time, judging from the snug waistline on my pants right now..) and I’m ready for a big boy blog URL.

I checked, and is not available.  Darn.  So now what?

Well about a year ago, I asked y’all to help me rename the blog, and I think most people liked the name SingleSpeed best.  And while I wasn’t the biggest fan at the time, It’s really grown on me.

PROBLEM: none of the following are available:

So what should I do now?  I don’t think something like is much of an improvement… nor is something like

sigh.  Well if any of y’all have any good ideas for custom URL names, I’m all ears.

Or maybe I should just shut my trap and stay where I am….

What do you think, readers?

4 thoughts on “Custom Domain Woes”

  1. how about some non-traditional spelling?

    a colleague at work turned "bicycle ruts" into "bikrutz" (he's the guy who ran into a stopped truck @20 mph. 5 months later he's back on his bike, but only working half-time)

    I agree a custom domain is the future. You're going to do it eventually, why not now?

  2. I am the owner of (sorry, not for sale), and had many of the same issues. was already taken when I went for it (this was over 10 years ago), along with other variations I tried.

    Maybe try some sort of variation that also says singlespeed – 1×1, 32×17 (or whatever ratio you use), onegear, onespeed, etc?

    Good luck!

  3. Add a hyphen. A quick search showed that all of the single-speed.(whatever, .com, .org, .net, .me, etc.) are all available. The concern might be that you'd have users unintentionally entering it without the hyphen, but it doesn't look like resolves to anything.

  4. @David – I sort of agree. Why not now? It sure isn't going to be easier to find the time a couple months from now when there's a little kid crying all the time…

    @PeterD – So YOU'RE the guy that's ruining my life right now. lol. Enjoy the domain. Fair warning, though, you'd better stay current on those registration fees or I will snake that domain from you in a second. I've been watching it for several years now.

    @Jimmy – I've thought about hyphenating, and I suppose that's the direction I'm leaning, although when I search, I only find a couple hyphenated versions available (.me, .us, according to godaddy). Right now that's my best option, I guess.

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