What’s the Deal with Jucy Lucy’s?

Huzzah!  Looks like Fraggle has a follow-up question:

The first question was just for funzies. I keep hearing about this Juicy Lucy situation out in Minn. What’s the deal?

For clarification “the situation” is the debate about who invented the Juicy Lucy.

Well now how the hell would I know the answer to that?  This debate has been going on for decades and I’ve only lived here 5 years!  I’m beginning to suspect that Fraggle is using the Ask Me Anything feature to send me curve balls that he knows I won’t be able to answer.


Anyway, what I know is this:
People generally agree that the cheese-on-the-inside burgers famous for volcanic cheese eruptions began at either the 5-8 Club or Matt’s Bar.  But the two spell it differently, so they both legitimately claim to be the first.  5-8 claims to have made the first Juicy Lucy, Matt’s claims to have made the first Jucy Lucy.  Hell if I know what order they came in. But obviously the process of infusing burgers with cheese is a genetically inherited trait created through billions of years of evolution that can be traced back to our earliest human ancestors.

Questions? Ask Me Anything!!!

6 comments to What’s the Deal with Jucy Lucy’s?

  • In the glory days when we had cable, the Food Network did a show on the Juicy Lucy and the Matt's vs. 58-Club rivalry. I'm pretty sure Matt's can claim the invention but I've never been there. The 58-Club's Juicy Lucy with onion rings, however, represents the very best (and worst) of American cuisine.

  • marla

    and i guess you are supposed to be super careful ABOUT NOT BURNING YOUR TONGUE… when you eat the burger. go figure. it didn't do much for me, i admit it. i'd rather eat chocolate.

  • I've been in Mpls for 10 years, have no answer about who made it first, and in fact love both Matt's and 5-8's burgers (although for that dive-bar feel, I like matt's better…) what I can offer to you, is this gem: http://www.thebluedoorpubmn.com/ I'm pretty anti St Paul, but this is one reason to cross the mighty mississip. try the merridian. it will blow your mind!

  • and by merridian I meant merriam…so so good.

  • 5-8 is my choice but tomorrow I am going to matt's for lunch. My girlfriend has not had both so it will be fun to see if she disagree's with me.

  • Ren

    I did a Juicy Lucy tour around the metro w/ some people a couple years ago. The one at the Nook in St. Paul is pretty good, too. My fave so far has been at 5-8 Club.