Super Bowl XLV

So what are y’all doing for the Super Bowl this year? I don’t have any plans yet. I’m actually not even sure who is playing. Packers, I know that much.. but who are they playing against??? I don’t know. I should google it. Or maybe one of y’all will kindly tell me in the comments. I just googled it and apparently it’s the Steelers.

So what are your plans?  Are you going to watch the game? Are you one of the people that just watches for the commercials and halftime show? Or do you just show up for the 7-layer dip? Going to watch at a bar? Or at home? Or at a friends? Or just skip it and take a nap?

3 comments to Super Bowl XLV

  • I'm a football fan but watch it as much for the commercials as anything in years where I'm not real passionate about who wins. This year is different since my team is in it! If I had my pick, I'd be watching it in a Packer bar going nuts, but since I'm a dad and have friends who host Super Bowl parties with their huge TVs, I'll be at one of those.

  • I don't watch nothing that ain't on Hulu. Living on a hillside, I don't receive digital signals; I refuse to give another penny to Comcast, and worst yet, I don't have the kind of friends who host Super Bowl parties (or have them but don't invite me)

  • Anonymous

    I'm going to knock on people's door and pretend to be Jehovah's Witnesses.