Snowed In

Sort of.  I woke up early this morning to shovel the 12+ inches of snow off our sidewalks and driveway.  Someone had to shovel the driveway if Mel was going to be driving to work today.  It took me a lot longer to shovel than I thought it would, though.  I started at about 7:00 AM, and I didn’t finish until about 8:30, and that’s only because one of my neighbors had already gone across my sidewalk once with a snowblower or else it would have taken longer.

So now it’s about 9:00 AM and I’m thinking I should be heading into work, except that my only option right now is to ride the bicycle.  I’m starting to think I should have accepted that ride to work Mel offered me this morning.

Oh well.  So now I’m curled up on the couch, eating the 6 eggs I’ve vigorously scrambled for myself, and reading articles online about portion control.

So how about you?  How are you handling all the snow?

8 comments to Snowed In

  • FYI – 6 eggs is too many eggs.

  • I shoveled yesterday in the late afternoon… 4ish. So this morning I only had 6-8 inches to shovel in the sections of sidewalk where there had been no drifting. However, on our front steps and the sidewalk leading up to our front door, snow had drifted up to 12-18 inches… So it was fun getting dug out of our front door. We have a super short sidewalk, so I was only shoveling for 45 minutes this morning.

    Göran took the bus to work and I work from home, so it's more of an aesthetic/exercise thing for me! I like our sidewalk to be nice and clear for neighbors who pass by (and I hate when snow gets packed down because we wait too long and people trample it down…)!

  • Oh, and after all that, I discovered that our firm declared a snow day. So I'm one of the only folks working, since they need at-home staff to provide support for the few crazy attorneys who slogged into work through the snow.

  • marla

    ha ha ha
    you know what's a weird word?
    i realized this while reading your post.

    yes, six eggs is too much. try 2. and then get some really good rosemary bread.

  • Kat

    Mark stayed home after he finished shoveling at 10:00. I think it took 3 hours to finish. And my work is cancelled too. 3 day weekend!

  • @Katie – I would have loved some tots!

    @J G-W – I guess that's one of the down sides of working from home?

    @kat – times like these it would be nice to be salaried. I can stay home if I want to… which I did until 9:30 but unfortunately, if I don't bill hours, I don't get paid… and "snow day" is not an acceptable billing code.

  • you need hashbrowns or tator tots or something to help ease those eggs down.

  • Liz

    I handled the snow quite well 🙂 Someone had to stay in with the baby, so Don went out to shovel for hours on end, while Liam and I chilled on the couch… rough life.