I’m Totally into Denny’s

This past weekend, Mel and I found ourselves having dinner at Denny’s. Denny’s has a special place in my heart since it has always been my mother’s favorite restaurant. I have many memories of eating at Denny’s growing up. I sent a text message to a friend that said we were at Denny’s. His response:

Who Eats at Denny’s?

That’s a good question. Who eats at Denny’s? I looked around and started to notice a few trends that didn’t really give a positive impression. There were a lot of suspenders, and a lot of belt buckles pointing downward. And a lot of folks that generally seemed to be shaped like potatoes.

OK. So that’s not that great. But here’s what I love about Denny’s:

Nobody is pretending to be anything they’re not.

Including the restaurant itself. Not the people, not the staff, not the food. It’s a low-key, casual place for folks who don’t care if their napkins are cloth or paper. Some other trends I noticed included a lot of flannel and a lot of Carharts, things I tend to like out of nostalgia from growing up surrounded by ranchers and geologists in  Nevada. And a lot of folks who don’t think they’re too good to eat breakfast for dinner.

Plus, you can wear sweat pants and feel good about it.

So, yea, Denny’s and I are pretty tight.

How about you? Anyone out there eaten at Denny’s lately?

6 comments to I’m Totally into Denny’s

  • marla

    people who look like potatoes!
    how do you come up with this stuff?!
    thx for the monday morning laugh!

  • I used to like Denny's quite a bit, but lately I find the food is harder and harder to eat. It's just so greasy! I even like greasy food, but Denny's is a little over the top for me.

    My wife and I have found a sort of similar place, except it's local. The food is better (and just as cheap) and the people are just as laid back, and probably a little friendlier.

  • @marla – you're my biggest (only) fan. I'm glad you thought it was funny.

    @Apertome – yea I definitely prefer local restaurants with actual people making food, too. There are a lot of great ones in my South Minneapolis neighborhood. The context of our visit to Denny's is that we begrudgingly found ourselves out in the suburbs, and given the range of restaurants you typically find in suburban frontage-road land, Denny's is def one of my favorite. The local restaurants in suburbia tend to be quite a bit more expensive, and I think Denny's holds it's own compared to dozens of other chain-type restaurants that aren't as flannel-friendly.

  • Nicole

    Denny's is awesome. Of course it's greasy and not good for you, but you can get breakfast for any meal of the day. I get random cravings for their biscuits and gravy.

  • People shaped like potatoes??? that is too much.
    I'm not a Dennys patron, but if you like Dennys then go for it 🙂

  • Ren

    Village Inn is my Denny's. I love me some breakfast skillets.