How Has Your Life Changed?

Huzzah!  Another question in the inbox.  This one comes from my old pal Fraggle, who has no internet presence whatsoever for me to link to. Here’s the question:

Now that you are a famous blogger how has your life changed?

Well I can’t really answer this question because I’m a little offended that you haven’t noticed that I’ve been a famous blogger for several years now.  I am easily the most popular blogger in my family.

But to answer the question, blogging has changed my life in a lot of ways.  I’m much more in-demand socially these days.  I get invited to 2, maybe 3, dinner parties each year.  In addition, the near non-stop sitting in front of the computer has contributed about 3-4 inches to my waistline and a good 15 lbs. to the scales.  But I type a lot faster!  And I’ve learned a little html.

But I still don’t make any money, so that’s too bad.

Well maybe we should ask the readers?  Readers, how am I different now that I’m a famous blogger?

Questions?  Ask Me Anything!!!

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