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I’m starting to become a real regular on the Virgin Mobile help line.  We’re on a first name basis.  I call them each day asking them if they’ve ported my phone number over yet, and each day they respond, “You again?  No we got an error message yesterday but didn’t bother to tell you about it. You aren’t waiting around for your phone to start working or anything, are you? You should just get a new number.”

“No,” I respond.  “I don’t want a new number. You should just figure out how to port my number.”

Repeat, ad nauseam.

So now I’m open to suggestions, folks.  Vote in the poll below:

What should I do about my cell phone dilemma?
Abandon hope, admit defeat, and get a new phone number.
Keep bugging them indefinitely until they figure it out.
Return the phone, demand a refund, and choose another carrier.
Just continue writing passive-aggressive blog posts aimed at making Virgin Mobile look bad while really just making yourself look stupid.
Other (describe in comments)


And remember, if you’re tired of me blogging about cell phones, the best way to get me to quit is by giving me some great advice in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Cell Phone Poll”

  1. Reuben,

    Did you get an android smart phone? If so, you should port your number to google voice. Your current number would exist at google and all your calls would be routed through that number to your new virgin mobile cell (that has a new number). On the callers end it will be the same and you get the google voice features.

    When you make a call, you can make your phone show the outgoing number as your google voice number (i.e. your old cell number that you like).

    If you haven't looked into this option, you should.

  2. @Fraggle – Well hot damn, that's not a terrible idea. I don't care what Shaun says about you, I think you're ok. I will have to investigate this option. Do you use it? How has it worked for you?

  3. Second for Fraggle's comment. I have been using GV since I got my Droid a year and a half ago. They recently added the option to port your cell number directly to GV, but it involves cancelling your old contract — so, pain for me, but perfect timing for you (I had been using it with a GV number).

    DO THIS!

  4. Third the GV option. I use GV on my Droid and love it. Free text messaging with it too. Who knows how long it'll all be free but hey, ride the gravy train while it's rolling!

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