Where’s Reader?

Ok, wise guys, what’s the big idea?  Since when is Google Reader not included in this list across the top of Gmail?

Since today, apparently…

well that’s inconvenient….

5 comments to Where’s Reader?

  • Yeah, I JUST noticed that when I tried to click on Reader. Turns out the only new item I had in my reader was you pointing out that the reader button isn't up top any more.

    That's annoying, that is the only thing I use up there.

  • It still seems to be working under the "more" file, but- ANNOYING.

  • surakmn

    Hasn't it always been that way? I've always accessed it through "more" or typing the URL direct.

  • Agreed! It took me like three times clicking "more" before I finally saw it

  • I have a Reader gadget on my iGoogle page so I never click those links at the top and would never have noticed. The only link up there I ever really click is for the calendar. I have a calendar gadget on my iGoogle page too, I just don't use it as often. I probably should…

    Either way, design changes are always annoying.