Kittens with Teddies

Everyone has skeletons of some sort tucked away in some closet somewhere.  Sometimes, though, you find something out about someone that you wish you’d known about before you agreed to marry them.  Turns out, Mel has had these tucked away in the basement for several years now.

I think there are some things that you should legally be required to disclose before you marry someone.  Framed posters of kittens and puppies with teddy bears should be one of them.  Nobody wants to be caught off-guard by something like this.

6 comments to Kittens with Teddies

  • Dez

    I have to say, when I read the title before reading the post I immediately went to either pictures of kittens IN teddies (as in lingerie) which is disturbing or kittens laying on lingerie which is slightly less disturbing.

    However, I do agree that disclosure for what you actually posted should be mandatory.

  • @Dez – sorry for the misleading title. I'll admit that I did it on purpose…

  • Dez

    No apologies needed… consider myself link baited. 🙂

  • Good thing you found those! Now you know what the theme of your baby's nursery should be.

  • Ren

    I thought what Dez did.

    This is quite a revelation, finding these.

  • @katie – Mel agrees with you. My first inclination was to get them out of the house as quickly as possible, but made an exception just long enough to take a photograph. Unfortunately, I hesitated just long enough for Mel to start getting all sentimental about them. It appears that Kung Pao will be having an 80's themed baby room, filled with all the mementos we can't seem to throw away but don't know what else to do with.