Gym Dates (Minus the Hot Tub)

Mel’s been trying to get me a membership for a while now, but I’ve always resisted because “I’d rather go running outside.”  Except that I never actually go running outside because it’s cold.

Mel’s had a membership for a while, except she doesn’t go as often as she’d like because she can’t stand to be away from me for that long (because she loooooooves me so much).

So Mel and I were finally able to agree that we were both more likely to get some workouts in if we can go together, which is only a possibility until the baby comes.  So for the next 3 months, I’ll be a proud member of the YWCA. Awesome, huh? This means that Mel and I are going on Gym Dates.  Cute, huh?

Fun, huh?  The lame part is that the best part of the gym is the hot tub, but now that’s out since Mel is pregnant.  So…. anyone else want to go to the hot tub with me?

7 comments to Gym Dates (Minus the Hot Tub)

  • Liz

    Melanie and I are planning a hot tub party after these babies get here, cause I'm also dying for a good sauna, hot tub, or steam room experience! I think it is great you guys are going to the gym together on dates 🙂 Maybe Mel can stick her toes in the hot tub for the next 4 months until she has the baby? Not as exciting, but just a suggestion.

  • marla

    she can dip her feet in and you can give her a foot rub. problem solved.

    way to go on gym membership. i should check out our ymca. but i refuse to wear matching outfits and look all cute just to wear out.

  • You can't go in a hot tub when you're pregnant? Sounds like a real drag. That the no beer or eating sushi or coffee or water slides.

  • @Liz
    @Marla – Mel's offered to just come along and dip her toes in, but I feel a little guilty.

    @Emily – that's what people tell me. Something about boiling the baby. But whatevs. Half our parents were born while their parents were smoking & drinking and they mostly turned out ok, so who knows.

  • All the Finns go to sauna all the time when they're pregnant. I didn't go to the hot tub since they tell you not to here, but now I wonder… those advice are really dependent on your culture, you know.

  • Jamee and I used to go on Gym dates before she got pregnant. Three years later… we still don't go on gym dates. Our new-years reso this year is to be more healthy again. We got a copy of Power 90 (plans to move up to P90X if we can stick this out) and have been doing it 6 days each week for the past month — along with dieting we've both lost some tonnage and are feeling generally better about life.

    My point: while they may not come with a hot-tub, there are some viable exercise options for at-home workouts. The place where I was losing the battle was getting to the gym. Good luck.

  • @Tuittu – yea. I'm a little skeptical myself…

    @Jimmy – I think Mel might be happy trying some at-home stuff, but I don't think I'd be satisfied with it. Luckily, getting to the gym is pretty easy for us right now without kids and with the Y about 8 blocks from home. But that's why my membership is ending in April – after we have a kid and we can't go to the gym together anymore, I think having to go to a gym will bum me out…