Fashion Blog Controversy

There’s been a lot of fun going on around the interwebs tonight. With my wife off at a baby shower all night, I’ve been left alone at home with sweat pants, sweet potato fries, soda-pop, and South Park streaming instantly over Netflix.

But it’s the fashion bloggers that have kept me entertained this evening!  I confessed a few months ago that I’ve filled my Google Reader with women’s fashion blogs.  Did y’all know that there is a huge online community of women who post their Outfit of the Day (OOTD) every single day?  And some of these women are dedicated to wearing only clothes from Anthropologie!  Seriously!  Some of these women have the Anthro catalogue totally memorized, they know the official name of every item, and they know which ones are available in store and which are available only online.  And most of these blogs have a readership WAY higher than I do here at SingleSpeed.  This fashion blogging is serious business y’all.

Well, there’s been some controversy on the fashion blogs after one blogger (who typically wears size 6-8) posted some photos of her OOTD and said the following:

I do believe this is my favorite dress ever! It just works so good with my body type – a rare thing. I’ve seen some of the less curvy bloggers try this on and where everything usually looks fantastic on them this dress just kinda hangs on them. Finally a dress that looks better on curves! LOL!

The “petite bloggers”(which are legion), took offense at this comment, and all of a sudden this turned into a curvy bloggers vs. petite bloggers thing.  People were offended.  Posts were removed. Apologies were given.  And people are still over there accusing each other of being either insensitive or overly sensitive of body type issues.  I even threw in a comment or two of my own just to stir the pot a little bit (although I was promptly ridiculed for being male). It’s been pretty entertaining, I have to admit.

So, what did you do tonight?

10 comments to Fashion Blog Controversy

  • Now I'm curious- are you for the person who writes the dress looks better on her curvy body or is she, in fact, being insensitive to her petite co-fashion bloggers?

  • Won't you please tell us what OOTD blogs you read?!

  • e

    Yes, tell us! I only look at street fashion blogs, mostly.

  • Liz

    I want to know what blogs you are reading and how I can find them. I side with the curvy-chick. I have no sympathy for skinny small people 🙂 just kidding.

  • Just a quick update to say that one of the commenters said the following:

    Man up and put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

    HA. This is GREAT.

  • @Katie D – well that's what I'm here for.
    @Everyone else – I will consider putting together a list of OOTD bloggers I read. In the mean time, y'all can just google it. …or you could Reuoogle it.

  • Thank goodness for Google Cache. Although she deleted the post, we can still read it and see the photos. Reading it over, I don't see what the tempest was about, especially when she praised the "less curvy" by saying that everything else looks good on them. I know body issues don't necessarily always prompt rational discussion when someone wants to take offense, but surely "less curvy" understand that they aren't going to look great in everything. But I'm a man of average build who buys his clothes from J. Crew, so what do I know.

  • @Ben M – There is certainly nothing rational going on over there, that's for sure. I agree that I didn't see anything offensive in her post, but I suppose I don't know what it's like to be a "less curvy" woman.

    I think the lesson to be learned here is that when she deleted the original post and started making apologies, it just made everything worse. By responding to the criticism, she only fueled the fire.

  • This made me laugh!!

  • To my knowledge, you have yet to mention two important details: 1, How did you find the fashion blogs in the first place? 2, To which fashion blog are you referring in this post?