Do you have Popcorn Ceilings?

Another question in the mailbag! This one is anonymous:

I was reading on a how-to and I saw this quote: “The popcorn ceiling is a design feature that undoubtedly will not make a retro comeback, so the sooner you begin the process; the sooner you will be admiring your new ceilings.” And I thought of your various home repair projects.

Does your house have popcorn ceiling?

Yes, we do have popcorn ceilings throughout most of the house, and I agree that this look isn’t going to be making a comeback any time soon. I am not at all a fan of popcorn ceilings.

We haven’t been on any sort of crusade or anything to get rid of them, though.  I don’t dislike the look of it enough for it to be worth the effort.  From a DIYer’s standpoint, popcorn sucks because it’s very difficult to patch.  If you get a hole in the ceiling for whatever reason (either intentionally or unintentionally) good luck trying to patch it and blending the new popcorn in with the old…

Not that it can’t be done… professionals can do a decent job.  My father in-law once patched a hole in our ceiling for us back in 2006, and he did a great job blending the patch into the rest of the ceiling.  But the average dude is not gonna be able to do a great job with this.

That’s my only real beef with it – other than its general ugliness.

How about you, readers?  Are you cursed with popcorn ceilings?  Are you actively trying to get rid of them?

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8 comments to Do you have Popcorn Ceilings?

  • Kat

    I agree, popcorn ceilings don't bug me enough to get over the huge amount of work they are to smooth out. I would take popcorn ceilings over the weird ceiling squares we have in our living room and bedroom though.

  • @kat – do you guys have any plans to do any ceiling projects in the future?

  • Liz

    We have popcorn ceilings in our living/dining room, and I agree that it isn't worth the work, trouble, etc. We don't even notice them anymore. We have too many other projects to get to way before popcorn 🙂

  • @Liz and Don (both of you) – especially since your ceilings have those curvy edges that would be very difficult to recreate on your own. I'd definitely have to hire a professional if our house had rounded ceilings like yours.

  • Popcorn is not in sorry. When I did taping I removed a lot. It is very easy water scraper simple unless it has been painted then it's time to skim coat. The new look people are going with is knock down texture Google it if you wish.

  • Kat

    we don't plan to do the ceilings in our house. We will leave that project to future owners of the home. I don't think it would add enough value to the house to make the investment worth it.

  • Shell

    We are cursed with popcorn ceilings too. We selected one room to remove the popcorn ourselves and found it to be a time-consuming, arm-aching and really messy job. We've also "patched" a section ourselves and it is 100% noticeable. Make your life easier — have it removed or patched professionally.

  • Ren

    I looked overhead and what did I see?
    Popcorn ceiling just as ugly as can be!