Existing Cell Phone Usage Stats

This post is really interesting, because I know y’all are wondering how much I use my cell phone.
So how many minutes do you use each month?
I suspect I’m a little below average.

2 thoughts on “Existing Cell Phone Usage Stats”

  1. I average about 200 minutes, including nights and weekends. The only reason it is this high is because I work from home two days a week and have to use my cell phone as a work phone on those days. Otherwise I'd probably talk on my phone about an hour a month with my parents.

    I do use about 500+ text messages a month and lots of data.

    Of course, I have a total phone post-traumatic stress disorder from having worked in the welfare office for 5 years and having regular phone shifts. Nothing like answering 75+ phone calls a day from totally pissed off people a day to make you never want to talk on the phone again.

  2. Including nights/weekends here are mine:

    December: 870
    November: 573
    October: 635
    September: 656
    August: 626

    There are 5 people on our plan and I'm consistently the lowest, though the only other guy on the plan with us sometimes takes my spot at the bottom.

    I have unlimited data but I don't have much of a text messaging plan (just 250 texts a month) so if it's between a text or phone call for me, it's usually a phone call. I also work from home occasionally and use my phone for any work calls then, which easily eats up at least an hour or two a day in most cases.

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