More Complaining about Cell Phones

So I’ve been complaining a lot about cell phones, right?  It’s not like I’m not out there looking for new plans, you know.  At least once a month for the past two years I get online and decide that it’s time to finally improve my phone situation.

So I go to all the cell phone websites, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, and I start comparing plans.  And that’s when I start to realize that I have no idea what I’m shopping for.  The technology has passed me by, and now I just get cranky like an 80 year-old man that can’t figure out how to get the VCR to stop blinking 12:00.

“What the hell is a SmartPhone?”

“How the hell do I know how much data usage I’m going to need?”

“You mean I can buy unlimited data plans and still not be able to send a text message?  I can YouTube all night long without additional fees, but it costs $.20 to send a text?”

“Data Plan for Non-SmartPhone???  I thought that’s what a SmartPhone was!  What the hell kind of data are you downloading if you don’t have a SmartPhone?”

“Do I still need text messaging if I’m only texting other people with SmartPhones or can we all just chit-chat via IM or something? Or send two-word emails to each other all day? Am I the only guy around still texting or something?  Is there some new version of texting that people are doing that I don’t even know about?  Maybe people are just twittering each other all day?  That sounds like a euphemism…”

“Who can I ask to explain all this to me that won’t make fun of me?”

“Forget it.  Maybe I should just go pre-paid DumbPhone and call it good… There’s only about 1 hour a day when I’m not within arms reach of a computer anyway…”

And that’s where it ends for about a month, until the whole scene repeats itself.

Any other luddites like me out there?  And seriously, what’s with this text message thing? Why can you have unlimited data and still not be able to send a text? I don’t really get that…

8 thoughts on “More Complaining about Cell Phones”

  1. You can still send text messages through Google Talk for free if you have a Google Voice number. Of course, there's always the possibility they'll take that away, but it works for now. I rarely text as I typically use Google Chat, Twitter, Facebook, email, or just a phone call. I do have a 250/month text plan but don't often crack 200. I imagine I'd be inclined to use more if I didn't have a smartphone but who knows, I never had a text message plan until a year or so ago.

  2. I prefer the pre-paid DumbPhones. I don't want to deal with all the extra crap that I won't use. Sure, having a SmartPhone with internet would be lovely when traveling and I don't have a computer on hand, but I don't travel enough to warrant such a thing. I don't even like texting … so just give me a phone that makes calls and I'm happy.

  3. Another option would be to get an iPod Touch. Most of the benefits of an iPhone (apps, web, etc) but without the monthly fee. And heck, wifi is available all over the place (work, home, coffee shop, mpls wifi even). And the new one has a camera so you can take pictures of the kid and post to Instagram.

  4. Screw smartphones. the one you get is always worse than the one released tomorrow. Find one of the old bricks and carry it around like you don't know better.

    But on the more productive end: Don't worry about data usage amounts if you're only going to be using it to call/text. Most of the carriers still have phones that are still good for only phone/text and most you can get those for free with a 2-yr extension to your plan (which may not be worth it).

    Also, welcome to the future that was yesterday.

  5. Just get the SmartPhone and pay the extra $5 bucks a month for unlimited text. Your life will forever be smarter and textier 🙂 Sorry I don't have a more concrete solution for you … just do it! Don't be a luddite anymore!

  6. I am with you on the phones, while I get the plans I can't get myself to pay $30/month for internet on my phone when I am at a computer all day and night paying $70/month for internet. I just don't get it yet….

  7. We got smartphones in October and it has CHANGED OUR LIVES. Never have to make sure and look up an address before leaving the house. Never have to wait around the house because you're expecting an important email that needs a response. We're different people now, I tell you.

    And we wondered about the whole "how can you have a data plan that doesn't cover texting?" thing, too.

  8. @Gastro – well that's good to know! Now I know you can read SingleSpeed from anywhere! There's no excuse anymore. Download yourself the Google Reader App and you can have SingleSpeed with you no matter where you are.

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