Eating Leftovers = New Phone

Mel and I have struck a deal that I hope will be very advantageous for everyone.  And by “everyone”, I mean “me.”  Here’s the deal:

If I can go one full month without buying lunch at work, we get to buy new cell phones.

I’ve told y’all before about how my cell phone is totally broken, but that I’m too cheap to buy a new one, and too cheap to pay for a data plan.

Turns out, though, I’m spending TONS of money eating out for lunch every day.  I spend between $5 and $7 every day buying lunch for myself at some stupid place near my office that isn’t even very good.  Let’s do the math:

($6/day)*(5 days/week)*(4 weeks/month) = $120/month

So that’s quite a bit, huh?  So thus, if I can cut this cost out of our budget, then we can easily afford a couple of new phones and a data plan, right?  Or just about?

Of course, we’re forgetting that our grocery costs will probably increase since we’ll have to make enough leftovers for me to bring all the time.  And the fact that as soon as we buy the phones and are locked into a 2 year contract, I’m going to revert back to my old habits.

But except for those two things, this totally makes sense!!!  Awesome!

9 thoughts on “Eating Leftovers = New Phone”

  1. I've sworn off eating out for lunch this month, and it was actually much easier than I thought it would be. I recommend packaging up your leftovers into single meal-sized amounts when you're putting them away at night; it saves a step in the morning when I'm sleepy and in a rush.

  2. I like your plan! BUT, if you already know you are going to revert to your old ways, save yourself the time and hassle of preparing dinners for leftovers and just buy the phones today. It will give you instant enjoyment PLUS better lunches than leftovers everyday. Just saying …

  3. Today was the first day I've "eaten out" in a long time and it was Subway on a gift card. My wife packs me a lunch every day. Before we were married and she decided she needed to dictate what I ate for lunch, I ate PBJs every day. Not the greatest lunch but it was cheap and easy.

  4. um. i have laughed about this last line since you posted it. cracks me up.

    cell phones suck. i hate them. and family plans are a way better deal and that sucks for single people. so even though i'm a completely grownup, i'm on my family's plan so i can pay only 10 bucks a month.

  5. Definitely agree with Emily. Leftovers are the way to go for lunch. Sandwiches get old very fast.

    I'm a big fan of plain yogurt with granola on top as well for a mid morning snack.

    The biggest change for me was when Taco Bell on East Lake closed. I used to go there for lunch a couple times a week. Yikes.

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