2011 Powderhorn Art Sled Rally

Here are some quick pics of the 2011 Powderhorn Art Sled Rally. Mel and I love this event. We go every year. I took a lot of photos, bot most of them are lousy. Here’s a few of the ones that turned out well:

Y’all should def check this event out next year!

2 comments to 2011 Powderhorn Art Sled Rally

  • Ren

    I was there! I didn't go down the hill. I always stick around at the top and take pics. (slideshow!) I've seen from pics that a lot of people I know were there but I never recognize them because everyone is bundled up. Same thing at the kite fest. By the way, another crazy winter event is across the border in WI this coming weekend – Hot Air Balloon fest in Hudson.

  • Sarah

    This looks like a ton of fun! Seriously, Reuben, I have starred so many of your fun activity posts that I am converting your blog into my pseudo-bucket list!

    Nice pictures too!