Installing Base Shoe Moulding

Get ready, folks!  This post will knock your socks off!

Mel and I finally got around to putting the finishing touches on our new hardwood floors this weekend.  After The Floor Guy had “finished” the new floors, we were left with a bunch of gaps to fill around the edges of the room.  All the baseboards were scuffed up and needed a new coat of paint.  Also, the house has settled so much that there are some pretty significant gaps between the baseboards and the floor in some places.  Notice that you can see all the way down into the basement in this photo:

Luckily, my in-laws gave us a great new toy to try out.  It’s an air compressor and a few air nailers (thanks, in-laws!!).  I’ve never used any air tools before.  It always seemed like a tool for pros – something out of my league only the big kids get to play with.  I always thought I’d have a hard time keeping control of one of these things because of my little girl arms.  But it’s actually pretty dang accessible.  Using an air nailer, I spent about 20 minutes doing what would have easily taken me several hours using the old fashioned hammer – AND I ended up with a much cleaner final product.  Pssh.  Hammers are for suckers!

Here’s a couple action shots for you:

And here’s a shot of the finished base shoe:

Pretty neat, huh?

How about you?  Any suckers out their still using hammers?

7 thoughts on “Installing Base Shoe Moulding”

  1. I hope my husband doesn't see this post as he's been wanting to get an air compressor for months and my response continues to be "what are you going to do with that???"

  2. The air pin nailer is my favorite tool followed closely by the gas power washer.

    I like that floor color. Would you mind sharing the Brand, Species and color?

    1. @Brian – thanks! The floors are 100-year-old maple, and that’s all I know. We hired a guy to apply the stain, and we told him to surprise us with the color. I have no idea what color or brand the stain is.

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