Ever Been Stuck in an Escalator?

New question, folks!!!!!  This is GREAT!  I love questions!  This one comes from MarlaMuppets, author of Muppets and Me.  She says:

have you ever gotten stuck on or in an escalator? just wondering.

Nope.  I sure haven’t.  But I hear you have.  Reminds me of Mallrats, though.  Great movie.  Always remember to fear the escalator.

I got locked in a hallway in the Rec Center Fieldhouse on the U of M campus, though. It was a short, two-level space with one door on each story, both of which were locked. There was also an elevator and a set of stairs connecting the two stories. I could walk up and down the stairs and take the elevator between the two floors all day long, but I couldn’t get out until somebody figured out I was stuck in there and opened the door for me.

Any more questions???  Ask Me Anything!!!

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