Snowmageddon Staycation

Mel and I had ourselves a little Staycation this past weekend.  You know, Snowmageddon weekend?  Everyone else is posting photos about it, saying, “OMG look at all this snow!” so I can too, right?

Ok, here we go.  So y’all know that we were having our floors redone, and since you literally can’t walk into the house without stepping on these floors, we pretty much needed to find a new place to stay while The Floor Guy put down all the polyurethane and stuff (more about that later).  Luckily, some of our friends were out of town for the weekend, so we were able to weasel ourselves into their house for a few nights.

And then it started snowing.

Roads were covered in 1.5′ of snow.  Nobody was driving anywhere.  We were pretty much stranded at our friends house, scavenging for food.  Mel and I are used to surviving on a diet of frozen pizzas and canned soup, but our friends have a little bit more refined tastes than we do.  So when we found ourselves stranded at our friends house surrounded by fresh ingredients and exotic spices, we were pretty much starving to death.

So we did what anyone would do, we strapped on our xc skis and skied to the nearest restaurant, which was only about a dozen blocks away.

Dominguez Restaurant is a tiny hole-in-the-wall place that looks like a gas station from the outside, but it’s pretty pleasant on the inside.  Nothing fancy here, just tasty Mexican food.

By Sunday morning, the snow had stopped, but now it was time to shovel ourselves out of this mess.

This next photo is great.  Here I am shoveling some snow in my moon boots and wader pants:

Now while you’re still laughing, let me explain something.  Since we were trapped inside with only the clothes on our backs, we had a little bit of a limited wardrobe for the weekend.  The boots are my xc ski boots, and the pants are my bike riding pants, which I’ve smartly cut the bottoms off of (to make myself more aerodynamic).  I look ridiculous, but I only had to leave the couch twice all weekend, so it worked out ok.

I actually tried borrowing a pair of pants from our friends.  They were out of town, you see, and wouldn’t be needing their pants any time soon.  So I tried some of them on, hoping they would fit.  Hers, well… I’ve never looked good in sequin. And his…. well all of his pants said “juicy” across the rear end, and…. well… I just wasn’t very comfortable with that.

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  • Please note, of course, that I didn't actually try on any of my friends pants. To the best of my knowledge, my friends do not own any sequin pants, or pants that say "juicy" across the rear end. If they do, I remain blissfully unaware.

  • Kat

    Thanks for clarifying in the comment. I was a little bit confused as to what pants you were talking about.
    1. It's nice to know that there is tasty Mexican food nearby. If you ever happen to get stranded at our house with no food again, there is a restaurant called Cap's that is literally two blocks to the north from our house. Why don't you try it out and tell us if that one is any good too.

    2. I got a kick out of the starving while surrounded by fresh ingredients and spices bit. But we would have been starving too because we didn't do any grocery shopping since we knew we would be out of town. I was surprised that you guys didn't eat the clementines which were the only decent and readily available food in the house.

    3. Do you guys still have my house key or did you leave it around here somewhere?

  • Looks like quite an adventure! You did well to make the most of the circumstances. Also, XC skiing is fun!

  • How did you know I would be laughing at you in your moon boots and wader pants shoveling snow?

    @Kat- we tried to go to Caps, but they were closed. We're still interested in giving it a try sometime though!

  • Nicole

    That's a hilarious adventure. I'm not going to lie, although I'm sure I would have hated shoveling out, I'm jealous of the big storm. As long as you can stay inside (or cross country ski – awesome!) it's exciting to watch the snow just keep coming.

  • @kat – I assure you that we didn't try on any of your clothes, although I don't doubt for a second that you've got a box full of old dancing outfits somewhere that includes a pair of sequin pants.

    1. ok. why don't you guys come along and we'll call it a double date?

    2. we didn't know what to do with the fruit because it didn't come frozen in a bag.

    3. We still have your key. Sorry. We'll bring it by when we get a chance, or at the very latest bring it on Sunday.

  • @Apertome – yea it is fun! I'm pretty new to it.

    @Melanie – I knew you'd be laughing when you read this because you were laughing at me when it actually happened. I seem to recall you saying something like, "you look like a NASA janitor," or something like that.

  • marla

    love cross country skiing!
    i tried snowboarding this week … don't like that as much.

  • Love the title. Looks like a fun and adventurous staycation!

  • Tara

    Looks like a lot of fun, sadly there is little places that we can go cross country ski around here. Glad you guys made the best of your snow days