Relative Hair Length

A couple weeks ago, my wife received a haircut from the talented Becky, and we are both quite happy with it.  What we can’t agree on, however, is how long it is.  Obviously, it’s about chin length, but is that short, medium, or long hair?  You be the judge:

Mel insists that it’s short.  But if that’s short, then what’s mine?  I argue that mine is short, and since hers is at least 8 inches longer than mine, that makes it clearly medium length. Mel says it’s different because she’s a woman, and I’m a man.  I disagree, and don’t see why that should matter at all.

Nonsense.  I demand the standardization of descriptive words for the length of hair.  A haircut should be short, medium, or long regardless of whether it’s on a man or a woman.

To make matters worse, if you google image search mens long haircut, the results look a lot like the results for womens short haircut.  This situation cannot persist.

What do you think, readers?

12 comments to Relative Hair Length

  • Millie

    Hair length is totally relative. If Mel's hair was long before, it's really short now. Without the comparison, I vote for medium short.

  • @millie – well sure it's relative on an individual basis. No problem there. I'm arguing that it's not relative on a gender basis!

  • Short. I expect all women to have hair down to their asses. If it's any shorter than than that, well, it's short.

    Men are not to have hair any longer than their ears.

    I'm a 1960s dude like that.

  • Reuben- as you clearly state in your argument, even Google has already declared the hair characterization is a gender trait. Who are we to argue with Google?

    @Everyone- Thanks for the back up. I love it when the interwebs prove me right! Huzzah!

  • From a professional stand point. Womens and mens haircuts are characterized differently.

    A womans chin length and shorter is a short haircut, past chin to say collarbone is medium, past collarbone is long.

    mens haircuts that are clippered, and "spikey" are short, hair that falls over the ear and can't be style (up) with product, is medium length and hair past the brows and over the ear completely, is long.

    It is all relative, but Melanie definitely has a short haircut.

    Now if you want to get techincal and complicated, which I am sure you do.

    What about a mullet then? Long in the back, short around the ears- and style spikey,permed or just ugly in the front…? Some cuts/styles are just their own and we dont mess with that.

  • Ren

    I'd call this medium.

  • @Kristy – sounds like the whole profession could benefit from a little bit of standardization. Different standards for Men and Women is inefficient.

    @Ren – I agree entirely. Mel's hair is Medium length.

  • I'd call it medium. I think above the chin is short, above the shoulders but below the chin is medium, and below the shoulders is long.

  • I agree with Mel. If it were me, I'd also refer to it as short. Meanwhile, I understand how it could also be considered "medium-length." Therefore, I side with Millie and say medium short.

  • I say medium. I think there's something to be said for hair length relativism. Determining if someone's hair is long or short depends on their gender, whether they are in a hair metal band, or the military, a hippie, etc.