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Hey, y’all, did you know I’m Mormon?  Probably, huh?  Sometimes I like to feel like I’m filling a little bit of a niche market by being the one-and-only-blogging-Mormon-in-Minnesota.  But turns out that’s just not true!  There are literally dozens (!) of Mormons that have heard of the interwebs!  Some of them even live in Minnesota!  I like to keep tabs on what my fellow Minnesota Mormons are up to, and I thought you might too, so here’s a list of all Mormon Minnesotans who blog.  Not all of these blogs are overtly Mormon, but all of the authors (or their families) are.  They’re presented in whatever order I want, but mostly in the order that they explicitly reference Mormonism.

Young Stranger – John authors this frequently updated (almost daily) blog about his journey through Mormonism.  His writing is excellent, and his posts are always insightful.  This is a must-read for anyone interested in Mormonism or theology in general.  In particular, John writes about living in a committed homosexual marriage, and how that fits (or doesn’t fit) with his decision to participate in Mormonism.  Without a doubt, this is the best Minnesota Mormon blog.

ReubensCube – Duh, you’re reading it right now, so references to Mormonism are obviously overt.  Hands down, best Minnesota Mormon blog (just kidding).

Gibson Koufax – Nate likes to blog mostly about music and politics, but Mormonism is a frequent topic as well.  In particular, Nate has written a number of posts about Mormon politicians.

The (Mostly) True Tale of Us – Katie blogs about her family and the day-to-day happenings as she carts her kids around South Minneapolis.  References to Mormonism are occasional, but overt.  In addition, this blog is completely hilarious.

Out & About – Tacy blogs about being a new mother, and the general happenings in her 20something +1 family.  References to Mormonism are relatively frequent and overt.
Peanut Butter and Honey – Kristy blogs about being a new mother, interior design, home improvement projects, and the general happenings of her 20something +1 family.  References to Mormonism are occasional, but overt.  Kristy would also be happy to style your hair.

The Waiting Line – Minneapolis bloggers will be familiar with Ren’s (wr3n) writing, as she’s been a mainstay of the local blogging community for several years.  References to Mormonism are infrequent on her blog, but she’s still one of my favorite Minnesota Mormons.

Martin – Lisa chronicles the happenings of her Mormon family.  Lisa blogs about her life, her kids, and the funny things kids say.  While the references to Mormonism are generally passive, what could possibly describe day-to-day Mormonism better than a blog about the joys (and struggles) of raising 5 fantastic kids under age 11 (or is it 12 by now???)?

Not for the Monosyllabic – Mellancholyeyes blogs primarily about the escapades of being a Minnesota Public Defender, but she also brings in Mormon topics from time to time.  She lives in St. Paul.  Also, don’t miss her (defunct?) photo blog.

Brian’s Blog – Brian is a 20something bachelor who often blogs about dating and other day-to-day activities.  While his topics are not usually overtly Mormon, readers with a close eye to detail will notice many references to cultural aspects of Mormonism.

Mark+Kat+Julia – Kat blogs about her 20-something +1 Mormon family.  References to Mormonism are in passing.

Melanie & Reuben – My all time favorite Mormons.  This blog is more or less defunct, but it may very well start up again without warning.  Def one to keep in your Google Reader.

Muppets & Me – Marlamuppets blogs about whatever she feels like, resulting in an eclectic and enjoyable mix of topics.  References to Mormonism are in passing.

The Wortley Pad – This 20something +3/4ths family blogs about home improvement projects and daily happenings.  References to Mormonism are in passing.

All Things Clarinda & Dodson Journal– Clarinda maintains a couple of blogs, both of which incorporate the occasional Mormon theme.

Randy and Chrissy Kannas – Chrissy blogs about this active young family +1.  References to Mormonism are in passing.

Running with Julie – Julie blogs about running.  This blog has nothing whatsoever to do with Mormonism, but Julie’s a Mormon!!!!  Huzzah!

The Brodegards – This 20something +9/10ths family blogs occasionally about the family happenings.  References to Mormonism are only in passing.

The Edwards Family – Allie and Reed like to blog about their family, especially their 3 kids (twins!).  References to Mormonism are in passing.

What’s New with the Dowds – Katie blogs about daily happenings around the house, and mostly her dog George.  References to Mormonism are in passing.

Ware in the World – This young single lady likes to blog about her day-to-day experiences, especially her experiences teaching kids.  References to Mormonism are in passing.

My Domestic Design – Becky is a relatively new transplant to Minnesota.  She blogs about interior design, hairstyles, crafting, cooking, and whatever else she feels like writing about.  She doesn’t explicitly mention Mormonism on the blog, but let’s face it: Mormons love crafting!

[UPDATE: The Following Blogs were contributed by readers:]

James Schumann – James is new to the blogging scene (and to the church, apparently), so he doesn’t have a lot of content up yet, but his page design is seeped with Mormonism.

See the comments below for info about the following two blogs:

This list does not include the following:
  • Mormons who are former Minnesotans
  • Minnesotans who are former Mormons
  • Blogs by Minnesota Mormons that are more or less defunct (the blogs, not the people)
  • Professional or Business blogs authored by Minnesota Mormons
  • Private Blogs (obviously they don’t want you knowing who they are!!!)
OK, Who’d I miss?  Who else should be on the list?

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  • A note: if you're a Minnesota Mormon and want to be on this list, just leave a comment and I'll add you to the list! If you're on the list and don't want to be, you'll have to leave the church or delete your blog, and then I'll remove you from the list. Just kidding. You can just send me an email and I'll take you right off the list.

  • Ren

    LOL Good thing you didn't rate us on just how overtly Mormon we are (or not).

  • LOL – you'd be at the top of the list for sure.

  • love it reuben. i didn't know all those bloggers were mormon. very cool.
    thanks for outing me. 😉
    and for posting me on your list. i feel so honored. excuse me while i go back to blogging about whatever i feel like.

    if i did a description about your blog, i would say this:

    hilarity at its finest, mixed with bicycling tidbits, a little tim the toolman taylor and a lot of awesome stories about conversations with melanie.

  • Liz

    Wow, I'm impressed our blog made the list! I've been a horrible blogger as of late … I have a million updates I need to post, but don't know where to start. Guess I should just start somewhere.

    I like mariamuppets description of your blog! So true! You should add that to your "profile" page 🙂

  • Dude,

    Thanks for gathering these up and posting them. I didn't know that most of these folks blogged. Also, I think you owe me about an hour of time. A plate of chocolate chip cookies with walnuts will suffice.

  • *gasp* Reading my name on your list felt like watching unexpected company come up to your door. Happy and oh so unprepared. Now I'm gonna have to quick do a post on our superiorly happy life.
    I did enjoy going to the other blogs. Thanks for the list.

  • @marlamuppets – I'm flattered. Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor has always been one of my heroes.

    @Liz – yep, just start throwing stuff on there. Seriously, quantity over quality. Just do it. At least the photos. Nobody reads text anymore anyway.

    @chad – whatevs, dude. I thought YOU owed ME cookies! I almost included your photo blog, but I cut it at the last minute because I decided it fell into the business category. But I'll mention you here anyway.


    @Lisa – Yea, I guess the pressures really on now…

  • Seriously, Nobody can add to the list? come on. Y'all are holding out on me.

  • I love these guys. She's an artist. He's a musician & filmmaker. I grew up with both of 'em:

    This fellow is a funny dude as well:

  • @Erin – thanks for the additions!

    @katie – unfortunately, being a Minnesotan at heart does not qualify for the list.

  • Wah, we couldn't make the list. We are still Minnesotans at heart….

  • Very cool idea… And I'm not just saying that because I inexplicably made it to the top of the list. 🙂

    Are you going to keep this blog roll somewhere handy, so we can check from time to time on the doings of MN Mormon bloggers?

  • @J G-W – well I wasn't planning on archiving the links anywhere other than this page, though there's no reason I couldn't put a list somewhere else. All of these blogs are also in the blogroll(s) in the right sidebar, although I guess there's no way to identify who is Mormon and who is from Minnesota. For now, if you want to be able to easily find this list if you type "list minnesota mormons" in the search bar at the top of the page, I bet you'll pull it right up.

  • Hey, I just started a blog, and I plan to talk a lot about Mormonism. I'm a recent convert to the church, and I'm from southern Minnesota.

  • @James – ok, you've been added to the list. Thanks for the heads up!