Is Blogging Dead?

It is according to this StarTribune article:

A new online survey by Pew Research Center found that only half as many teens blog as did in 2006, and the number of millennials blogging (those 18 to 33) also dropped.

I’m not worried.  SingleSpeed has the staying power to outlast all other blogs.  This is the blog to end all blogs.

Also, nobody reads newspapers anymore.

5 comments to Is Blogging Dead?

  • Give yourself some credit. This just isn't the blog to end all blogs, this is the gospel!

  • If blogging is dead, does that make us undead?

  • @Bill Roehl – Thou hast said.

    @Apertome – What are you saying, are you a zombie blogger?

  • marla

    man. you know why? because the younger generation doesn't have the attention span. they are updating us on every aspect of their lives on twitter and facebook. blogging takes too long and doesn't have instant gratification.
    now please excuse me while i tweet and update my status.

  • Do you actually read any blogs written by teenagers?

    Out of the many teenagers I know, I know only one who actually blogs (blogged — he's not a teenager any more). He's actually become more regular as a blogger as he's gotten older and out of his teenage years…

    Teens right now are all into Facebook…