How’s Your Roof?

Huzzah!  New question from faithful reader David at Green Commuter!  It’s taken me a long time to get around to answering this one.

How’s YOUR roof holding out? My rain gauge shows 3.26in rain past 24 hrs, which is 2-3 feet of snow; my garage is flooding but that’s nothing new.

3.26 inches of rain?  That’s a lot!  Sorry to hear about your garage, we always get water in our garage floor, too.  Which is annoying. Our garage is relatively new and the walls were just constructed directly on the slab, which means any time there’s water on the floor of the garage, the walls are getting wet.  Someday they will rot and be a pain in the rear (for someone else) to replace.  My neighbor across the alley just constructed a new garage and they installed a single row of cinder blocks underneath the walls.  It’s a far superior design.  His garage will long outlast mine.

As for my roof.  Well, it’s ok.  We’ve avoided ice dam issues so far this year, which is more than my neighbors can say.  I like to think it’s because of all the time I’ve spent insulating, ventilating, and trying to close attic bypasses, but it might just be luck.  This evening, in fact, I’m planning on pulling the ladder out of the garage and scraping all the snow off the roof.  We’re definitely getting some ice buildup on the eaves, which isn’t good, but so far it hasn’t resulted in any water leaking.  Scraping the snow off won’t get ride of the ice, but it might reduce the overall amount of water runoff on the roof….

Anyway, good luck with that garage.

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