How do I Patch my Plaster Ceiling?

Huzzah! A new question in the inbox! This one is from Casey:

Since you are a house-fixer-upper pro I have a good one for ya. We have a chrome tension-pole shower caddy that decided today to punch a hole right through the ceiling (We’ve had it in place since July). We grabbed a piece of the ceiling that was completely removed and we discovered that it’s totally plaster. How would you suggest repairing said hole? It’s a good 1.5″ in diameter. 

I actually just ordered some Command stick-on-the-wall shower caddies early last week (cuz our chrome crap rusted so fast and looks awful), they haven’t arrived yet … too bad they didn’t come on Friday!!! 


Thanks for the wink, lol.

Well, patching a hole in a plaster ceiling is no big deal.  But I’m still not exactly clear how the hole got there in the first place.  My guess is that you and the hubs were having a little bit of together time in the shower, and when push came to shove the two of you came out ahead, while the shower caddy and the ceiling came out behind.  Am I right? lol.
Well, anyway, the fact that it’s plaster doesn’t change anything.  You should still patch it the same way you’d patch any other wall. The only reason plaster would make a difference is if it’s so old and crumbly that it’s just falling off on its own. 
Did you YouTube it??? You should YouTube it.

There’s always the ready-made-stick-on patches.  These are ok.  Definitely the easiest way to go about it, although this will be less solid than another patching method.

I like this guys style more.  He fills the hole with a new piece of drywall:

This guy’s balloon trick is a little over-the-top… but you get the idea.  Stick a scrap of wood or drywall up into the ceiling through the hole, and find a way to secure it in place with glue or screws. You don’t necessarily need to make the hole bigger than it already is like this guy does.  For a 1.5″ hole, just be creative to figure out how to glue a new 1.5″ piece of drywall into place so that it fills the bulk of the hole, then use the joint compound to fill all the gaps and cracks & smooth over the surface.  Sand it.  Add more joint compound if necessary. Sand it again. Repeat until you’re happy.  Prime. Paint.

That’s it, you guys can totally handle it, just go easy on the dude next time you guys get frisky in the shower, ok?

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  • hahahahaha! Sadly there was no friskiness when the hole was made. We were both sitting in the computer room and heard the shelving come crashing down. We think it's a combination of a heavy duty spring within the rod and a weak ceiling to begin with. We noticed a couple weeks ago that it looked like it was shifting the ceiling a bit, but we never thought it would just punch a hole straight through and we definitely thought there was time to get other shelving ordered. Thanks for the clips, I hadn't thought of checking YouTube! Jonathan's already decided to go for the patch … wish us luck!