House Shopping

Sometimes I get writers block, y’all.  I think to myself, “Hey, it’s about time for a new post on SingleSpeed.  My adoring fans are probably going through withdrawal without me.”

Well, probably not, right?  But it’s nice to think that I have adoring fans.  I’d even settle for one of the psycho stalker types.  Just kidding.  Y’all are great.  Getting comments on my blog really makes me feel great.

So here’s a little update on what Mel and I have been up to lately.  Are you ready for a shocker of an announcement?  Ok, here it is:

We’re selling our house.  In February.  We’ve got a list of things to get done around the house to have it ready to sell by February 1st.  We’re painting everything we can reach. We’re replacing carpets, and refinishing the floors downstairs.  You know, all sorts of nice stuff that we never bothered to do for ourselves but we’ll do for someone else.

So here’s the deal:  We’re going to put the house on the market, but we aren’t really dead set on selling.  We’ll accept the right offer, but we’d be happy sticking around for a few more years too.

So where are we moving to?  I don’t know.  You tell me.  Where in Minneapolis should we live? Here’s our criteria:

  • within 3 blocks of one of the regional trails (Mississippi River, Minnehaha Pkwy, Chain of Lakes, Midtown Greenway, Kenilworth)
  • 3+ bed, 2 bath
  • movie room w/ stadium seating
  • detached sauna
  • 2+ car detached garage
  • no squirrels in the attic
  • bicycle storage room
  • 12-person hot tub
  • marble floors
  • butler included
  • fireplace in every bedroom
  • no cats
  • swimming pool
  • outdoor amphitheater for entertaining

Ok, folks, a few items on that list are just a joke, but seriously, where should we live?  What Minneapolis neighborhood most effectively combines the attractive elements of affordability, livability, accessibility, bikeability, safety, and stability – within 3 or 4 blocks of one of the regional trails?  

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  • Moe

    I love Longfellow, but the only downside is no good grocery store within walking distance. Cub and Rainbow aren't too far, and Seward Coop is a quick ride away as well. Seward is awesome, but the houses are either expensive or not all that nice. So my vote goes to Longfellow as the best place to live affordably and responsibly!

  • mmm…yes. we've got our eyes on Longfellow around the Midtown Greenway… How's the safety over that direction? Also, I thought you were further south in the Howe/Hiawatha area???

  • Sad! I LOVE your house! Good luck with the house-hunting! Hopefully you can find something that doesn't need as much tinkering (unless of course you're looking for something you can tinker around with) If I had my vote on where you two should move, it would be … OREM!

  • @Casey – Orem? Do Not Like.

  • @katie – the butler has to live somewhere, right?

    heh. eh, no. I like detached garages because I like the symbolic separation between my life and my cars. I don't like giving anyone the impression that cars are an important enough part of my life that I invite them into my home. Also, I really like rear-facing garage doors since garage doors are always ugly and rear-facing garages are typically detached.

  • Moe

    Yep, we are in Hiawatha, but still the greater Longfellow area. My old house was on 46th Ave, just a few blocks from the river. Now we are on 40th, which puts us closer to Minnehaha, so we take that most of the time. I really miss being closer to the river. But really, 6 blocks from the river isn't bad at all.

    Safety is perfectly fine in Longfellow. The closer you are to Minnehaha, the worse it is, generally. We have our issues, all neighborhoods do, but I've felt very safe walking home alone from the light rail at midnight.

    I think the key is to find the right block. We lucked out in finding a great house on a wonderful block. Most of the houses are bigger and well taken care of. We have a great block party each year, and we look after each other. A few houses have been broken into (ours included), but again, that's just going to be common in Mpls.

  • @Moe – Yea, that whole area right within about a half-mile of the Minnehaha Falls area really has a lot to offer, including LIGHT RAIL.

  • sickly bunny

    St. Louis Park would be a perfect area, near-ish to work and near the greenway. i think it's pretty safe too, from what i remember. good luck, man!

  • @Katie – you make some good arguments there…

  • Up in NoFo (Northern Longfellow?) you can be close to W River Rd and the Midtown Greeway. However, it's a longer stretch over to the LRT. However, the Birchwood Cafe has Nice Ride bikes, and Lake St should this coming spring, and the 21 & 53 buses on Lake are reliable to get to/from Hiawatha. I'm over on 46th at 31st, so put the river over the LRT.

    If you're looking for another home improvement project, take a look around Brackett Park. Great neighborhood and the housing stock is awesome although occasionally in need of someone with your skills.

  • I like Kingfield or elsewhere in South Minneapolis. Like Tangletown!

  • Just curious, why are you looking for a detached garage?

  • I vote for around my house. I'm close to two lakes and the Greenway, all the shopping Uptown has to offer, and you'd make such nice neighbors πŸ™‚

    Just as long as you move into the Cedar Lake Ward, I'm good.

  • Escondido…done and done (it might be a little more than 3 blocks from you precious trails)

  • Those are some good points about garages. I prefer an attached garage, but I hate houses in which the garage door is the most promonent feature in the front of the house.

    What about a detached garage for your cars and an attached garage for your bikes? Are you bikes enough of your life that you would let them in your house?

  • Sarah

    Noooo…you can't move! I have had so much fun reading your posts about the renovations and projects you and Mel have done around the house! Maybe the next house could use your TLCs too?!?

    Good commentary on garages! You don't want your cars invited into your house. Hehehehe. πŸ™‚

    How about Coon Rapids right by the dam? Another hehehehe πŸ™‚

  • @Ed Kohler – NoFo sounds pretty good, too. I really like the vibrant atmosphere of Lake Street, and somehow, moving as far south as Minnehaha Parkway feels like moving to the suburbs! EEK!

    @How Does She Do It? – Kingfield? Tangletown? Yea, those are nice neighborhoods, though I'm pretty sure they're out of my price range…

    @katie – in the new house, the bikes will have their own bedroom and bathroom.

    @Tiger – escondido? That would be one hell of a commute to work every day…

    @Sarah – well if you want more home renovation posts, you should start helping us find a new house. We've done about all we're ever gonna do to this house (except for the carpeting and floors that we're gonna do within the next month).

  • If I was in the position to buy, I'd pick Nokomis (or anywhere around there), but I think the price ranges there are on the high side. But it really is a dream neighborhood and I wish they had more affordable rental cuz I'd be writing this comment from some cute little bungalow duplex with a fireplace.

  • Wow! What has prompted this decision?