Laptop or Desktop?

Quick Question: am I the only person in the world still using a desktop computer for general around-the-home computing?

I know there’s still peeps out there that use desktops if they’re totally into gaming or heavy video editing or if they work from home or something.  But what about for people who only use their computer for accessing the internet, the occasional Microsoft Office project, and very minor photo editing?

All of a sudden I feel so outdated using a desktop.  What do you think?  Am I totally old-school?

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  1. I bought a desktop about a year ago and was all excited about it at the time, but now I mostly hate it. So many cables… so much noise.

  2. It's going to be a lot easier for you to check in on fb and all your other sites while in front of the TV with the computer on your lap than to have to turn around from your desk when you want to. Laptop's totally the way to go. Especially if it's a MacBook. Or even better, just get an iPad for your fb and other internet responsibilities, freeing up your desktop for those hard hitting excel and word files. 🙂

  3. I'm still a fan of my desktop — I use it almost exclusively when I'm home (despite the fact that I have a very nice laptop with a docking station and can easily hook it up to my 22" monitor). You can get a faster/larger-capacity desktop for cheaper than a laptop; they're also easier and cheaper to upgrade or fix if there are problems. But then I also have my android for the quick internet lookupy stuff that I might need to do on a whim around the house. With all that said, I can see why many people only have a laptop, but I think it's a matter of personal preference. Do what feels right for you — you have a laptop (or Mel does), so mess with that and see if you're comfortable using it as a daily machine.

  4. My "main" computer is a desktop, I confess I use my laptop or my netbook more. However, you still get more bang for the buck with a desktop and personally I kind of LIKE the idea that my permenant archive – finances, music, files, etc. – are sitting locked away in my office instead of mobile and asking to get stolen or bumped off a table. I simply don't see the advantage of carrying all that data with me day to day.

  5. Yeah, you're old school. My only desktop is 6.5 years old. It sits in my basement and gets turned on when I need my printer since the printer runs through it.

    I do some heavy HD video editing and bought a laptop a year ago for it. When you can get a quad processor in a laptop anyway, there's not much incentive to get a desktop for me. Maybe somebody who's really doing heavy duty professional stuff, but for the 15-minute home video compilations I put together, the laptop is great.

    My company does laptops too for just about everybody. We have a docking station that hooks into a 22-inch (bigger for some people) screen and actual keyboard/mouse setup for when we're in the office.

  6. After using laptops for years, I went back to a desktop because I get more computing power for my buck, and I wanted the extra RAM and disk space to do my animation…

  7. I am with J G-W. I got waaaay more bang for my buck when I bought my Mac Pro desktop three years ago. I can continue to upgrade my machine for the next 7+ years for cheaper than buying a new computer every four years. Although, I do miss having the portability to use a computer on my couch.

  8. I primarily use a desktop, too. Jimmy hit the nail on the head: desktops are far more upgradeable, you get more computing power for the dollar, and they are more easily repaired if anything goes wrong. Also, I built my computer, which saves money in the long run.

    However, I'm a web developer and do lots of graphical and A/V stuff. Some gaming too. So I'm sort of not who you aimed your question at.

    I actually have a laptop as well, which stays upstairs so I can easily check e-mail/use google or whatever, at my dining room table. I also take it with me when I travel. But the desktop is where 90% of the computing happens.

  9. yea, y'all are right – more bang for the buck with desktops. But I don't really need all that much bang. I don't know how to edit photos anyway… I'm graphically challenged…

  10. Sounds like you want to be convinced to buy a laptop. 🙂

    I have a MacBook Air, and I'm in love with it. Long battery life, doesn't heat up your lap (a lot of laptops get crazy hot), it's sexy looking, and it's power is strong enough to do all the stuff I need. Granted, it wouldn't be great for video editing or hardcore gaming. But minor photo editing, Office, and blogging/writing/coding works perfectly.

    PS, thanks for the blog shout-out the other day.

  11. Don't toss your desktop. Like others have said, you get more bang for your buck with a desktop – about twice as much.

    I have a dual monitor setup at my desktop that I absolutely couldn't live without.

    If you want something mobile, get a netbook.

  12. In order to compute in bed, on the couch, sprawled out on the floor, on the kitchen counter, etc, you must have a laptop. And why would you want to compute anywhere else? What do you want to do with a computer anyway? Just play around on the internet and occasionally do a bit of word processing or excelling? You could easily do all that on a netbook without shelling out much money at all– especially if you don't dislike your current desktop and would be happy to turn to it for more substantial work. Or, of course, you could shell out some money and get a laptop.

  13. I've officially switched back to a desktop after being a laptop only and everywhere guy since 2005. For work I like having my laptop, but while I'm at home I prefer having something powerful and isolated in one room.

  14. The next time I have to overhaul of my home computer situation, I'm investing in a home server/network setup. Our desktop pretty much only serves as a big and noisy network access point for our external hard drives and printer. If I go on, I'll probably just repeat what everyone has already said. You're smart, you'll make the decision that works best for you.

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