Hardwood Floors: Finished

Here’s some photos of our finished floor. We’re really happy with them. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we ended up having to put a stain down to hide all the old pet stains that were on the floor, so they’re a lot darker than we were originally hoping for. Still, we’re really happy with them.

12 thoughts on “Hardwood Floors: Finished”

  1. Wow. They look WONDERFUL! Nice job. I also love the chair that has the green and blue fabric on it. It was designed by a blogger I enjoy reading, How Abour Orange.

    (By the way, to answer your question: The Graphic Design teacher had students take pictures of every teacher, counselor, secretary, administrator, etc. on our campus and said it was going into the yearbook. Really, the pictures were being used so that they students could make cartoons out of us! That's why I'm wearing the same thing in every picture.)

  2. @Sassy Sarah – thanks

    @Jimmy – thanks! well, we still have to put some quarter round around all the floors, and paint everything downstairs. Then sell the house.

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