Hardwood Floors: Update

Ever since we bought our home back in 2006, I’ve dreamed about restoring the original hardwood floors.  We knew there were some hardwood floors hidden underneath all the carpets, but we had no idea what condition they were in, or if restoring them was possible.  The only way to find out was to rip the carpet out. On tuesday, The Carpet Guy came over and pulled all the carpets off the entire downstairs.  Here’s what we found:



Yikes, huh?  Are these restorable?  Hell if I know, right?  So I called The Floor Guy, and he didn’t seem to think they were bad at all.  I kept pointing out cracks, gaps, holes, and other flaws, and he seemed entirely unconcerned (which, of course, is exactly how a person would act if they wanted to get hired even if he had major concerns…).  So we hired the guy, and after about 6 hours of work, this is what it looked like:



Looks pretty good to me! However, hardwood floor experts will quickly recognize that the floor is actually significantly discolored in a number of places, or at least that’s what The Floor Guy tells me. He also tells me the offending substance is likely dog urine. Yuck. Yet another reason why Mel and I are not interested in pet ownership, even if it knows how to pee outside.

So while Mel and I are fans of the bare wood look, The Floor Guy strongly recommends that we apply a stain to the floor, a service he has kindly offered to provide for us (for a small fee, of course).

Ok, that’s it for now.  The stain should be down by tomorrow, and the urethane done by the end of the weekend.  Stay tuned for more updates.

5 thoughts on “Hardwood Floors: Update”

  1. I heart hardwood floors! They make a house feel like a home to me. My parent's house has hardwood all over, and I just love it. I remember being about ten and helping my mom tear out some carpeting*, and encouraging her to tear out just a little bit more, then just a little more, and we ended up tearing up ALL THE CARPET GOING UP THE STAIRS, which was WAY more than we originally planned. The hardwood on the stairs was BEAUTIFUL, and boy was my dad surprised when he came home that night!

    *both my parents had quit smoking the previous year, and couldn't get the stink out of the carpeting, so we were pulling it up.

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