Some helpful hints about how to wake me up early

It’s about 6:45 AM as I write this, which is pretty dang early.  Despite the fact that our alarm goes off (the first time) at 6:30, we’re rarely out of bed before 7:15.  But this morning, some lady got her car stuck in the snow in the alley behind our house.  She got stuck on that berm of snow the plows create at each end of the alleys while they plow the streets. It was pretty much this lady’s own fault though. She pretty much got herself stuck.  
Because I like to be helpful, instead of just complaining about everybody else, I’m going to give you a handful of pointers for how to avoid getting stuck.
  • If you’re just trying to get through one berm of deeper snow, approaching it cautiously and slowly won’t help.  Approach with momentum in hopes that you will blast out the other side of the berm.
  • If you become stuck, spinning your wheels faster won’t help.  I promise.  NO really.  I’m serious.  I know this is counter-intuitive.  Usually the faster the wheels turn the faster the car goes, but not if you’re stuck.  When you’re stuck, the slower you can spin the wheels the better.
OK, that’s all the advice I can think of right now, other than making sure to get stuck at 5:00 AM right outside my house.  That way you’ll be sure to wake me up and I’ll get out of bed and trek outside to give you a push just so that you’ll stop spinning your wheels and going nowhere.
In other news, today is a big day around the Collins house.  The carpet guy is coming, and he’s doing work in every room of the house, except the bathroom and kitchen.  That means, of course, that any piece of furniture we could move is now in the kitchen.  It’s jam packed with book cases, chairs, etc.  Anyway, pics to come.

3 thoughts on “Some helpful hints about how to wake me up early”

  1. @KatieD – well… the hardwood floor guy came faster than I expected, and then he said he wanted to start ASAP, so I was scrambling to pull 10,000 staples out of the floor so he could start sanding THIS MORNING. Sorry. I'll try and get some photos ASAP.

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