Big Changes Today – New Carpet

So if you’re wondering why I’ve cranked out like 4+ posts today, it’s because I took the day off to be home while The Carpet Guy puts some new carpet down in the bedroom and disposes of the carpet downstairs.  So while they’re slaving away, I’m just sitting here writing blog posts.  Anyway, I thought I’d post some photos of what it looked like before they started – not because anyone cares, but just because I’m bored and don’t have a lot to do right now.  After they leave I’ll post some photos of the final product.


Guest Bedroom:

Master Bedroom:

Dining Room:

Living Room:


After photos to come later!

3 thoughts on “Big Changes Today – New Carpet”

  1. @kat – thanks about the stair landing. I guess I didn't get around to posting "after" photos of the new carpet. The hardwood floor guy was here within an hour after the carpet guys left and he wants to start sanding on Thursday (which is about a month sooner than we were planning). Also, it means that I've got to pull about 10,000 staples out of the floor by 8:00 AM tomorrow. Yikes. Also, it means we've got to find someplace to sleep Friday & Saturday nights!

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