Why are you Addicted to Smarties?

Huzzah! Another question! It’s been a while since anyone has asked a question. Did you forget that you can click here to ask me anything you want??

“Seriously?” you ask. “Anything I want?”

Yes. Seriously. Except I only answer you if I feel like it.

OK. Here’s the question, asked by my friend Liz:

Why are you addicted to Smarties? And if you were stranded on an island for 10 years, but you could have one unlimited source of candy during that time, would you choose Smarties?

Is this some kind of joke?  Obviously I’d choose Smarties as my unlimited type of candy for 10 years.  I only follow 54 people on Twitter and Smarties is one of them (actually, I just added them right now because I though it would be funny, but it’s still the case that Smarties is the only candy I follow on Twitter).

But let’s be clear here… “addicted?”  That’s a little strong, don’t you think?  I wouldn’t say I’m addicted.  What?  Just because I am incapable of being in the presence of Smarties without eating them all of a sudden I’m “addicted?”  I don’t call that addicted – I call that being an opportunist.

7 comments to Why are you Addicted to Smarties?

  • Ooooooooooo I knew I liked you … Smarties are my ALL TIME favorite non-chocolatey treat! Pixy-Stix run a close second.

  • Liz Dee

    We at Smarties are delighted to hear that you would choose Smarties as your "unlimited type of candy for 10 years!" That's true loyalty. Thank you, Reuben!
    – Liz Dee
    PS- No, I didn't ask the question, but I sure liked the answer! 🙂

  • ahhh ! Liz Dee! What could be a more appropriate display of your delight than a free 10-year supply of Smarties! If you thought this post was good, imagine the glowing reviews Smarties would get if I was literally surrounded by boxes and boxes of Smarties!

  • matthewperrier

    gesh thats called a rocket -,- smarties are candy coated chocolates why cant americans get it right -,-

  • marla

    hmmm… i think this is a great question. i’m thinking that i would choose snickers because it has peanuts in it and it’s some sort of protein in case i couldn’t catch a shark.

  • Liz

    Sorry for the delay, Reuben! Alas, I can’t send you a 10 years supply of Smarties, although that would be awesome. We do have lots of giveaways on our Facebook page, and I’d recommend checking back there for opportunities to win some free candy.

    Mat, it’s true that outside of the United States, our candy is called “Rockets,” but in the United States they are called “Smarties.” A little confusing, I know.

    Kind regards,

  • @Liz – I still love smarties, but I gotta admit, Nerds are making a strong push towards #1! What can you do to make sure Smarties stay at #1? (HINT: I’d settle for a 2-month supply).