Things to do:

1. ride a bike
2. finish closet project
3. recarpet upstairs
4. remove carpet downstairs & refinish original wood floor (if possible…)
5. watch Buffy
6. play with fire (metaphorically)
7. master the art of making “hot dish”
8. make fun of people using the phrase “modest is hottest”
9. find blogs written by teenagers to troll

11 comments to Things to do:

  • Watching tv is hard for me. If I'm just watching, I get bored and start reaching for the laptop… If I've got the laptop, I'm not paying enough attention to catch all the jokes…. arrgh. We're very close to finishing Buffy Season 4 and Angel Season 1.

  • #9 sounds creepy but that's just my opinion. Maybe you have some less nefarious reasons behnd it.

  • @Sornie – no, it's definitely nefarious. If you can't be a jerk on the internet, then where? Better I get it out of my system on some 18-year-old d/b posting photos of his sweet new tat than on people I care about.

  • You forgot to add running and signing up for a turkey day run.

    There is the Drumstick Dash 10k (Lake Harriet), the Turkey trot 5k (downtown) and GivingThanks 5k (Como Lake). Are you guys interested in one?

  • @katie – yea, i'm struggling with it right now. I don't like Buffy season 4 as much as I liked season 3. I can't wait to get to the next seasons of buffy/angel.

  • @Julie – mebbe I do want to do a run on thanksgiving. which one are you doing? I could be up for the Drumstick Dash maybe. 10K sounds good. 5K's are a little unfulfilling right now (i'm too slow to bother trying to get a good time, but it's too short to just be a good daily run…). A leisurely 10K could be just what I need on thanksgiving before my annual stuffing & football ritual! Or, more likely for this year, my use an industrial sized sander on our living room floor all day ritual!!!

  • Your number one priority should be to watch Buffy. Which season are you guys in btw?

  • Sounds like a fun Thanksgiving day!

    I agree about the 5k's. I was leaning toward the 10k. It seems like a nice distance and it is at lake Harriet.

  • Word on the street is that Buffy season 5 is the worst season… not that I've seen every episode of Buffy or anything.

  • Reuben,
    I feel like such a lump if I am just sitting there watching a movie/t.v and doing nothing else. That is why knitting and t.v. is such a great combo. You can do it, but still catch all the jokes etc. You should try something like that.

    I love Angel! Even thinking about it makes me miss it. The first season is o.k., but after that it is beyond awesome.

  • Yeah, the Initiative and Adam in Season 4 are some of my least favorite parts of Buffy. Ben and I got to the point when we would say "Boo!" every time the show cut to inside the Initiative. There are some great episodes in Season 5 though. That is actually the part of Buffy that I am most nostalgic about. There is such a great Scobby Gang in that season and I miss the days when they were all hanging out together. There are also some really great Anya moments.