Warning: Boring Post to Follow:

I surprised myself a little bit today because I was kind of productive.  Neat, huh? I’m usually a little bit of a Dagwood.  I kind of just like to lay around.  With Mel out of town, I thought for sure I would just stay in bed all day.  I didn’t even roll out of bed until 9:00. That’s late for me.

Here’s everything I accomplished today:

Slept in.
Painted the whole bedroom with 4 coats of paint.
Ripped the carpet out of the bedroom.
Ran 6 miles.
Listened to the entire Coheed & Cambria library.
Listened to the entire Strung Out library.
Went grocery shopping (soda only).
Watched half a season of South Park.

The only down side to my day was dinner at KFC.  It was tasty, but lousy for the old self-esteem.  Know what I mean?

Here’s an awkward shot of what the bedroom looked like before we started painting.

The colors are pretty bold, and we decided it was time to go with something a little more boring standard.  So we just whitewashed everything.  Covering up those dark colors was pretty tough, though.  I’ve got 4 coats on it and it’s still a little iffy.

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