Happy Halloween! Want some candy?

I have a legal obligation to inform you that there is no candy in this post.

Just photos of our closet.  As usual, we’ve squandered another weekend away working on our house.  I forgot to take some photos of the different steps along the way.  Since the last post, we furred out the roof rafters, installed some venting baffles along the whole space, installed some new insulation, and installed some soffit vents outside.  Hopefully this will keep the ice dams to a minimum.  Anyway, here’s what our closet looks like right now after the first coat of drywall mud.  Any experts out there will quickly realize that I’m pretty lousy at drywall mud.  Hopefully we can have the thing trimmed out, primed, and painted by the end of next weekend.

Looks like it’s about time to call the carpet shops to get some quotes, huh???  We’re gettin’ all new carpets upstairs, and maybe downstairs too, since Mel just dumped a couple slices of open-faced pizza off her plate in the dining room!!

3 comments to Happy Halloween! Want some candy?

  • Ren

    Maybe that was Mel's ploy all along.

    "Hmmm, I know how to get Reuben to realize we need new carpet in the dining room…"

  • That's just the sort of scheming I expect from Mel. I should have thought. She played it off as an accident so well.

  • You know it had to be an accident because I love pizza way to much to ruin 2 slices just so I could get new carpet. Now if it had been a plate of broccoli…