Closet Update

Right now you guys are all like, “OMG, What is Reuben gonna do?  He’s got a half torn-out closet and a house guest coming?  How in the world is he gonna handle that?”


We don’t have any carpet, obviously,  We’re gonna wait until we repaint everything upstairs before we get new carpets.

Right now you’re all thinking, “Reuben, your blog is really boring lately.  Shape up or I’m taking you out of my Google Reader.”

Idle threats, y’all.  Idle threats.  You know you like me.

5 comments to Closet Update

  • Anonymous

    maybe you can make up some stories about monsters in your closet….
    that could be fun.
    or tell about a time you hid in melanie's closet and scared the baby Jesus out of her.

  • @Katie – I won't say here, but she'd better appreciate that I'm holding off on the excitement of ripping the carpets off the floors downstairs so that her toddler doesn't have to play in a room with staples, tacks, and nails sticking out everywhere. She probably will. She's nice like that.

  • Dun, dun, dun…….! Who could this ominuous house guest be who is causing you to scramble to get your house ready?

  • Joe

    I'm not going to lie. You are my new HGTV. You have made the cancellation of cable that much less painful.

  • @Joe – also, more like Comedy Central, since it's totally laughable that I pretend I know what I'm doing.