Snowy Minneapolis Bike Commute

Just some quick photos to document my snowy bike ride home this evening:

Cedar Lake Trail:

Cedar Lake:

Cedar Lake Parkway:

The notoriously icy Dean Parkway entrance to the Midtown Greenway:

Midtown Greenway:

This guy was video recording his own bike commute home.  I’m probably on youtube somewhere by now.

3 thoughts on “Snowy Minneapolis Bike Commute”

  1. @Apertome – thanks! My Raleigh is just a singlespeed, not fixed. I'm pretty proud of it. It's the first bike I ever built from frame up. It's a great ride. There are definitely things I'd do differently if I were building it again (for example, the brakes are totally lousy on this thing… which I suspect is the levers fault…). I'm glad you like the blog. I also keep another more professional bike blog you might like at

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