So… it looks like I’m gonna give this twitter thing a shot.  I’m still not sure I really understand the appeal (especially since I’m still using a dumb-phone that can’t update while I’m mobile), but I guess I’ll give it a shot anyway.  So if you’re interested, go ahead and follow me here:


So what sorts of things should I tweet about?

“Found a bag of poo on my porch today.”


“Ate a sandwich for lunch today. Yum!”


“Listening to Katy Perry right now. Fireworks shooting out of my chest.”

What do you think?

Also, if you’re a twitter user, and you notice that I’m not following you, leave a comment to alert me.  I assure you, it’s an unfortunate oversight.  If you think Twitter is stupid, please let me know why in 140 characters or less in the comments.

Also, since this entire blog is just about MEEEEEEEEEEE here’s a gratuitous photo of MEEEEEEEE riding my bicycle to church.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m following @KatyPerry.

5 thoughts on “Twitter”

  1. (WARNING: More than 140 words) A few years ago, I set up a Twitter account at the request of a good friend. He said it was the best thing since sliced bread… nay, better! After I got on, I realized how dumb it actually was.

    To this day, I really don't see the appeal unless you're at your computer or on your phone 24/7. Also, I don't know if I want to follow my friends lives THAT closely or my life is that interesting for others to follow so closely. I have other things to do.

    On top of that, isn't Twitter really just using and simplifying one aspect of Facebook. Why need TWO mediums to say the same thing? If you're on Facebook, updating your status seems enough. If you're on Twitter, updating your status seems enough. If you have a blog you update fairly regularly, you are including pictures and words together and that seems enough. Why use so many mediums to say the same thing.

    As a non-Facebook and a never-really-used-Twitter person, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. Either way, good luck! I'd like to see how you fair and if you figure out (unlike me) what the whole point of Twitter is anyway.

  2. Kudos to you for trying it out. When people say they don't get the point of Twitter, I see them as people who heard that hammers could build amazing things like skyscrapers and bridges so they bought one, tapped on a couple things around the home, and now spend the rest of their career loudly announcing (to carpenters, among others) that they don't see the point of hammers.

    Twitter and Facebook aren't for everyone, but to deny their auspicious position in social media and their staggering potential is intellectually dishonest. They are a telecommunicative revolution and nothing short of another revolution can possibly unseat them. That people lack the imagination and vision to exploit them is no fault of the tools themselves.

    Myself, I actually really do like following the updates of my favorite (sub)celebrities and governmental organizations. Good lord, that's handy. I've found job leads through Twitter, and I'm updating it while studying overseas, for my friends' benefit, and I know I haven't even scratched the surface.

  3. I use it as a tool to get my news (important and frivolous) from a variety of sources. That, I think, makes it useful in a way that's different than Facebook.

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