Vacay 2010: Recap

Ok, this is the official 2010 Vacay Recap post.  Since I know that nobody really wants to read a long travelogue post complete with photos of all the food we ate along the way, I’m going to try something different.  I’m just going to splash a few photos around and provide a little commentary in the form of photo captions.  This post is like a Jackson Pollock painting – I’ve just haphazardly thrown stuff out there, and if you don’t like it, it’s because you’re not smart enough.

Phase 1: Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland

We stayed in a sleepy little town called Mürren that you can only access via Cable Car.
Lauterbrunnen is awesome.
The Swiss Alps are huge.
Shilthorn:  The Swiss are not afraid to build restaurants right on top of mountain peaks.
Trümmelbach Falls
Cheese Fondue!!!!!!!!

Phase B: Lucerne, Switzerland

Löwendenkmal: Apparently, seeing the sleeping lion monument is, like, required or something.
Some Church!
Wooden Bridges with flowers!!
Yay, Catholics!
Lake of Luzern
All your bridge are belong to me!!!
Luzern is GREAT for Photobombing!
Phase 4: Munich, Germany

Rainy (frown)

Phase 4: Zell am See, Austria

We met up with the in-laws for a week.  We went hiking.
Zell am See: from our hotel window.
Downtown Zell.
I bought this for 85 euros as a souvenir, but lost it when I was pick-pocketed.
Zell from across the see.
No European Vacay is complete without renting some bikes.
We rode the lift up Kitzsteinhorn.  We’re TWINSIES!!!!
The view from Kitzsteinhorn.
We hiked to the top of Krimml Falls.
Krimml Falls is for Lovers.
Königssee: St. Bartholomew’s
Meine frau.
Drove the Grossglockner – the highest road in Europe, or something.
somewhere in Austria.

Phase C: Salzburg, Austria

A view from the castle in Salzburg.  We went to a Mozart concert at the castle. Fun.
Large Building.
Everyone in this town is totally nuts about Mozart – and they all wear Hawaiian shirts and carry cameras.

Phase 2: Fussen, Germany


Phase 212: Vienna, Austria

Shoenbrunn Palace = BIG

Yay, Catholics!
Vienna City Bikes!
Vienna City Bikes!
Lesson Learned: keep Mel well-hydrated.
The Danube is for Lovers.
Waiting in line for tickets at the Vienna Opera House.
We saw Richard Strauss’ Salome, which is the story of John the Baptist’s beheading.  It was great. The most memorable part was watching crowds of grown men and women in suits and dresses stampeding down the hallways like cattle to reserve the best seats.  It was totally nuts.

OK!!!  Well that wraps up the 2010 Vacay Recap! Questions?  You can ask me via my Ask Me Anything!!!

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