Communicating in Deutschland

One of the coolest parts of being on vacay was listening to everyone speak German.  I began noticing all the English/German cognates – words that sound similar in both languages.  For example, the English words “end” and “market” correspond with the German words “ende” and “markt.”  Neat, huh?

I ran into a little bit of a problem when I jumped to conclusions, though.  For example, when people kept asking me, “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” I incorrectly thought people were asking me if I spoke Dutch.

“WTF?  Why does everyone keep asking me if I speak Dutch?  Do I look Dutch? Is it my shoes?”

This was a question I should have kept to myself.  People who aren’t complete morons will recognize that “Deutsch” translates to “German” in English, not “Dutch.”

However, I think it will be helpful for everyone if I point out that the German word for “bike” is “rad.”

That one is easy to remember.

NOTE: someone is probably going to argue that “rad” more correctly translates as “wheel,” not “bike.”  Quit ruining my fun.  Go find somebody else’s bubble to burst.

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