Two Unrelated Thoughts

Two unrelated thoughts:

1.  It’s fall now, which means HOODIES!  I love fall because I get to wear hoodies everywhere!  Yay hoodies!
2.  Mel and I went and watched Eclipse last night at the dollar theater.  I’m kind of into vamps and werewolves and stuff, but Edward… ugh… worst. vampire. ever.  I would totally be on TEAM JACOB, except I’m totally on Team Sharkboy.  My first thought when Mel suggested we go see it was “really? people are still doing that?  I thought this whole twilight thing was over like 5 years ago.”  Turns out, though, that not only are people still watching twilight – there’s still a whole ‘nother book to be released, and Mel says she thinks it’s going to be two movies.  Does anyone out there even still care about Twilight???  Also, GET THIS: It turns out that not even all the Harry Potter movies have been released, either, and I’m pretty sure that craze ended at least 5 years ago.  They’re really stretching this stuff out.

6 comments to Two Unrelated Thoughts

  • lol. At my house the Harry Potter craze has just taken off — my kids just discovered the series. Like you, I hadn't been following the series lately, and was pretty surprised to learn that they aren't even done making all the movies yet… šŸ˜‰

  • I'm totally a Twilight and Harry Potter nerd! Trust me, the craze has not died down! šŸ™‚

  • Liz

    The Harry Potter craze will never die!

  • @Liz & Don – I'm not sure how to respond because I can't tell which one of you left this comment. I'm so confused by your family google identity.

  • I've never seen any Twilight movie, nor have I read the books. I also didn't know there was a 5th movie to be released! (This is saying something, because I was an English teacher last year and my students – male and female alike – were obsessed with anything Twilight!)

    As for Harry Potter, I love Harry Potter. It helps me sleep at night. I found the Harry Potter audiobooks years ago from a guy I was dating. Of course, I was behind the bandwagon on that one, because I didn't start reading the books until the 4th one came out. That's when I got rid of my skepticism and embraced Potter to its fullest.