New Blog: VeloTraffic

Ok, I can’t keep a secret.  I’m just gonna to tell y’all about the secret online project I mentioned earlier:

It’s a new bicycle blog called VeloTraffic (FYI – Vélo is French for “bike”).  I know there are a lot of great bike blogs out there already, but I hope I can provide somewhat of a unique perspective.  I am hoping the new site will have a more professional and polished feel (compared with this blog).  It’s something I’m trying out because I love cycling, but also as a professional endeavor that I hope will help build my reputation as a professional bike facility engineer and planner (also because I spend so much time reading/writing blogs that I figure I should probably try and channel that effort into something useful…).  I hope to bring a traffic engineer’s perspective to discussing cycling infrastructure, planning, design details, traffic laws, implementation, funding, and other engineering and news related topics.  I also hope to serve up a lot of general feel-good bikery talk and photos.  VeloTraffic will attempt to straddle the line between having a local and national focus.  Obviously, since I’m in MPLS, much of the discussion will be centered around MN news and happenings.  But I’m also going to try and frame the discussions broadly enough that people outside MN will still feel like they can contribute.

I also want to point out all the bike-related things I won’t be talking about on the new blog:

  • Ride Recaps – Most of my posts about my personal ride recaps (i.e. Mel and I biked here today and it was GREAT!) will continue to be posted here at SingleSpeed.  If I think it’s appropriate, I may cross-post some of these, but for the most part, my own personal ride recaps aren’t really relevant to what I’m trying to do over at VeloTraffic.  VeloTraffic is not a blog about me – it’s about bikes. SingleSpeed is a blog about me.
  • Fancy Cycling Gear – VeloTraffic is not a gear blog.  I won’t be talking about new bikes or components.  If you know me, you know that I’ve pulled most of my bikes out of dumptsers, so I’m simply not qualified to talk about expensive gear.  That’s not to say I won’t ever talk about what I’m riding, or what I like to see in a bike, but it’s certainly not the focus of the blog.
  • Competitive Racing – I’m not gonna talk about the Tour de France or the doping scandals.  I’m not going to post race times or keep track of who is faster than whom.  It’s just not my thing.  I might post videos of people crashing….
  • “Y’all” – I will not be using the word y’all… or peeps.

So here’s what I’d like from you, dear readers:

  • Please go to and check it out.  Leave a comment if you’re so inclined.  If you’re a regular reader of SingleSpeed, you’ll recognize that much of the archived content is recycled from this blog, but there’s some new content there as well.  There’s an option to register as a user of the site – go ahead if that’s your thing.  If not, you’ll still be able to comment (captcha-free) and subscribe to follow-up comments without logging into anything (behold the power of WordPress!!!).
  • Add VeloTraffic to your blog reader – subscribe via RSS.
  • Tell your friends about the blog.  If you know any bikey friends that might be interested in following the conversation, I’d appreciate it if you’d let them know, via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Ask a question: Similar to the Ask Me Anything!!! thing I do on this blog, I’m hoping I can field some bike-related questions at VeloTraffic.  To ask a question, send me an email, or fill out the form on the Contact Page at VeloTraffic.
  • Drop me a line to let me know what you think of it so far.  I’d really appreciate some feedback.  I don’t have all the features enabled that I hope to in the future, but the basics are up and running.  What site features would be helpful?

Does this mean you’re not going to talk about bikes on SingleSpeed anymore?

Hardly.  I anticipate that bikes will continue to be an important part of the SingleSpeed blog.  VeloTraffic is a site intended for people who want to talk about bikes, but want to skip all the other garbage on this blog that I talk about.

12 comments to New Blog: VeloTraffic

  • Liz

    Sweet! You are such a good blogger, so I'm sure this new blog will be a huge success. I just hope you still use the word "HUZZAH" on it :)That would make it totally rad.

  • Ren

    Also, are you doing Mpls bike tour next Sunday? It's not too late to register!

  • @Ren – sigh… yes, I realize that everyone's doing it, so VeloTraffic should too… I'll probably be getting a VeloTraffic facebook page too….
    Hmm… I'm not registered for the MPLS bike tour yet, but it looks fun. You doing it?

  • Ren

    There's 35 and 14 mile routes. I'm doing the 14 mile one. The maps of the routes on on the website. They're closing off streets the bikes get to take over. 🙂

  • marla

    very exciting! the new site looks really nice.
    i am glad you are still going to blog about random things.. that totally makes my day. especially the conversations with you and mel… 🙂

  • Great idea. I saw a post with a WordPress question and I was going to jump all over it, but it looks like you already deleted it. very good.

  • @InspectorReuben – Thanks! Yea, there's a little bit of a steep learning curve to jump from Blogger to WordPress – the whole hosting thing and managing your own databases is all new to me. I was able to figure things out… just had to delete a line in my comments database. But that kind of stuff can be a little unnerving if you've never done it before.

  • Ren

    Are you self hosting your velo site? If not, what host are you using? I'm going to be registering a domain or 3 in the next year and am dreading dealing with all that crud.

  • I'm using bluehost based out of Provo, UT (Mormons, FTW!) There has certainly been a learning curve that required the investment of quite a few hours, but I've found it to be mostly painless. I've used the "chat instantly" help thing a few times to ask questions that I'm sure they think are dumb (how do I access phpMyAdmin?), but they've been helpful each time. Setting up WordPress was actually a total breeze – they pretty much do it for you. A lot of the learning curve was actually trying to figure out how to use wordpress, not so much with the hosting stuff. Good luck.

  • Ren

    Hey, maybe the bluehost folks could walk over to the MTC w/ some cookies & get your profile approved. 😉 Ask 'em on chat.

  • Wow… Love the new blog! The style and cohesion are great. Nice job.