The Hipsterest Bike Ever

Things have been a little slow around this corner of the intertubes.  I’m up to my eyeballs in trying to figure out how to manage a self-hosted wordpress setup.  But I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Here’s a little tidbit I wanted to share with y’all this morning:

(from married to the sea, via stephanie on facebook)

Not a bad way to go, really.

(note: not a real obit, FYI.)

5 thoughts on “The Hipsterest Bike Ever”

  1. What does it mean if I am currently wishing there were a place around the corner called Bacon Doughnuts Taco that I could go to right now? Hopefully just that its lunch time.

  2. Are you already running VeloTraffic as a self-hosted WordPress blog? I am happy to help out if I can, we changed our family blog over to a self-hosted solution about a year ago. The service I use has a lot of cool tools, it's quite easy once you get the hang of it (and figure out how to keep from deleting the entire blog accidentally).

  3. @James – eh…. well… by "self-hosted" I mean that someone else is hosting it for me. THAT kind of self-hosted blog. but, you know, it's not or Blogger kind of hosted. It's like the "find your own host" kind of "self-hosted" blog. So, you know… not really self-hosted.

  4. Oh, that's what I meant, too. I don't rock my own web-server, I'm a geek, and I wire houses up for fun, but I'm not THAT bad. Heck, it's cheaper to pay a hosting fee than it would be to keep my own computer powered on all day, every day. Anyway, the offer is always there.

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