My Cell

I bought it in 2005 off craigslist.  It came pre-loaded with the previous owners R& B and Hip Hop songs and pictures of her 3-year-old daughters braids.  The previous owner also threw in a Bluetooth headset that I never got around to figuring out how to use.  I average about 150 minutes/month.  The majority of that is calling voice mail to learn that my mortgage lender has critical news for me and that I should “push 1 now” to hear it. I average 115 text messages per month – nearly all of which are mushy messages to my wife that  would make y’all barf if I repeated them publicly.

I’m so low-tech it hurts.

9 thoughts on “My Cell”

  1. @Liz and Don Wortley (the whole family) – Yeesh! High roller! You think I got a money tree in my backyard? I've priced some more hi-tech phones for my wife and I. The cheapest options I can find are in the $120-$140/month range pre-taxes. We're WWWAAAAYYYY to cheap for that biz.

  2. @ Liz and Don- I somehow got on a Sprint Friends and Family type plan, so I'm only paying like $29/month for unlimited data which is totally underutilized by my cheap phone, but we're afraid if we try to get new phones or add Reuben to my account they will bust us and make us start paying full price.

  3. Circa 2005 you were hot potatoes! Don't put yourself down, Reuben! This used to be "the thing"! I was never cool enough to have a Razr. 🙁

  4. Yo! I've gotta bone to pick with your "things that bug 18". I added Don to my name on the main page of my blog screen because it just said "About Liz Wortley", but I didn't realize that it changed it when I add comments. So I'm not one of "those people" who use family e-mail addresses … sheesh! I just want Don to be accounted for and loved. Is that a bad thing?

    PS – I respect that you don't want to loose your super cheap plan from Sprint. I haven't heard of that kind of price in forever! And if what you have works for you, then that is good. I just really like Droids 🙂

  5. I agree that Blogger's limitations are frustrating and often require workarounds…

    Here is my recommendation:
    1. Change your username back to "Liz Wortley" or just "Liz" or "Baby Boo" or whatever you want.
    2. Add Don to the Blog as an Author (even if he has no plans to write anything.
    3. The "About Me" widget should modify itself so that it just says "Contributors" and links to both of your individual profiles. However, in doing this, you will lose the photos of yourself.
    4. Add the "Photo" and "Text" widgets to your layout to recreate what the "About Me" widget is currently doing.
    5. Use the photo widget to post a great photo of yourselves.
    6. Use the Text widget (title it "About Us" or "Liz & Don Wortley") to write whatever "About Us" blurb you want.

    The end result will end up looking something like what we've got happening on our defunct blog over here, but you can make it look a lot better than that with some effort.

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