Top 10 things I dislike about Blogger (a.k.a. Blogspot)

1. You can only subscribe to post comments via email if you have a blogger account.  And even if you have a blogger account, you have to be logged in before you write your comment or else it’s a total pain just to leave the comment.  I want a simple Name/email/URL subscribe option like every other blogging platform has.

Who’s with me?  Anyone else totally bugged by this?

6 comments to Top 10 things I dislike about Blogger (a.k.a. Blogspot)

  • My biggest pet peeve is that it cuts off 9 of 10 things on top 10 posts.

  • Kat

    I often get annoyed while jumping through the little hoops trying to leave comments on blogger(it's amazing how much a few extra clicks or typing discourages me from leaving a comment altogether!), but I rarely subscribe to comment feeds so I don't care that much. But I'm not nearly as dedicated a blogger or commenter as you are. If I was, I would probably be much more bugged.

  • Like Kat, I think that every time I try to leave a comment. Sometimes I don't comment on blogger blogs because it takes so long.

  • I don't like that, after leaving hundreds of comments on blogger blogs while logged in, Blogger still makes me fill out CAPTCHA challenges.

  • @Kat
    @Ben – Totally! it's cute the way logging in lets you have a little picture next to your comment – and there is the option to just comment using your name/url, but that doesn't allow you to subscribe to any comments!

    @Ed – YES. totally. What's the point of logging in if it's not going to remember you and learn to trust you?